Jassi Sidhu ft Superwoman – Hipshaker Lyrics and Video Song

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In this article, you will be provided with Video and song lyrics of Hipshaker by Jassi Sidhu ft Superwoman. Lyrics are at the bottom.

Hipshaker – Jassi Sidhu ft Superwoman

Song – Hipshaker
Artist – Jassi Sidhu ft Superwoman
Year – 2013
Label – Vvanjhali Records
Video Director – Ameet Channa
Release Date – 29 August 2013

After returning from a break of exactly 2 years, renowned UK Bhangra artist Jassi Sidhu has released his brand new single featuring Superwoman and named his track as “Hip shaker”.

hipshaker jassi

Earlier in May 2011, he has released his 4th solo album which was titled as “Singing Between The Lines”. This album contained hit singles like ‘Nai Reesan’, ‘Jaan Manghdi’ with Yo Yo Honey Singh and Yaarian.

Hip Shaker is released via iTunes in summer 2013 with the label of ‘Vanjhali Records’.

Video – Lyrics – Hipshaker – Jassi Sidhu ft Superwoman

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Now 2013 see’s the most recognizable voice of his generation come back with a new sound & vibe for ‘Hipshaker’.

Featuring the co-production skills of long time friend and international superstar DJ Bups Saggu & the rap debut of Canadian Youtube sensation & comedienne Superwomen the song promises to enthrall the masses worldwide.


‘Hipshhaker’ is traditional with a twist…traditional punjabi lyrics, modern day electronica beats, a fresh new female rap artist with her own unique style & of course the unmistakable voice of Jassi Sidhu.

The big budget video for the song directed by renowned actor Ameet Chana (Bend it like Bekham) & featuring international model & actress Jasmine Jardot (Jab Tak Hai Jaan) raises the bar for UK productions with its eye catching look, feel & picturisation.

After 17 years at the top of the Bhangra industry, his fans have come to expect quality over quantity & once again with ‘Hipshaker’ he lives up these expectations & delivers like only he can.

As the summer of 2013 comes to an end Jassi Sidhu’s ‘Hipshaker’ guarantees to keep temperature’s soaring on dance floors across the globe.

He also plans to release a further, still unnamed single in late 2013.

lyrics – Hipshaker – Jassi Sidhu ft Superwoman

gora gora rang tera vihni vich wang,

gora husan ni tera munde rehge saare tang,

koka nak vich haye nakk vich,

koka nakk vich jhachda ae chaandi da,

wayi lakk hile majajan jaandi aa, (X4)

pariyan to sohni rab dita roop raj ke,

marka de naal ture rehndi tohar kad ke,

maaru nakhra haye ni nakhra,

maaru nakhra haye ni chari jawani da,

wayi lakk hile majajan jaandi aa, (X3)

Excuse Me boys…

husan mere to bach ke rahi,

tenu chakkra paa daugi,

tedhi tedhi takni naal laindi dil lut ni,

aashiq bana ke dite gabru tu sut ni,

haasa dul dul haye dul dul,

haasa dul dul pab sharmaandi da,

wayi lakk hile majajan jaandi aa, (X3)

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