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By | December 6, 2013

Sukoon song is sung by the singer Asim Subhani while Sukoon lyrics are written by Bilal Saeed. In this article, you will find lyrics of Sukoon song by Asim Subhani and Bilal Saeed.

The director and lyricist of Sukoon is Bilal Saeed. The Editor is Murtaza Niaz, Post is done in PMR Studio Works while the Shooting and Direction is given by Saqib Siddiqui. The Singer is Asim Subhani.

Bilal Saeed – Asim Subhani – Sukoon

Song – Sukoon
Singer – Asim Subhani
Lyrics by – Bilal Saeed
Editor – Murtaza Niaz
Post – PMR Studio Works
Music Director – Bilal Saeed
Shoot & Director – Saqib Siddiqui

The hardworking singer Asim Subhani is trying hard to complete his album by taking some beautiful and quality music. He had accepted that he had some moments of failure but he learnt from those things and doesn’t got disheartened. Still he is moving on to do something bigger.

Bilal Saeed, who is a well known Punjabi singer. He started his carrer by singing pop songs and then his stars raise high and he start career in punjabi. He made his all stars by his own singing ability. His 12 Saal Song was most top hit song in India as well as in other countries. He also sungs so many songs in America as well and spread his name all over the world. He made people so much crazy towards hi song. Currently he is ready with his new song Sukoon.  Asim Subhani sungs the song and Bilal Saeed pinned the lytics of song.

Sukoon video out on YouTube. Composer and Producer of Sukoon song is Bilal Saeed as well as Sukoon lyrics are also written by Bilal Saeed while Asim Subhani sung this song in his melodious voice.

Asim Subhani – Bilal Saeed – Sukoon lyrics

Jab Bhi Main Tanhai Mein
Tera Naam Loon
Jab Bhi Main Tanhai Mein
Tera Naam Loon|
Mujhay Aaye Kyun Sukoon
Mujhay Aaye Kyun Sukoon
Mujhay Aaye Kyun Sukoon
Mujhay Aaye Kyun Sukoon

Terey Khayaal Mein Din Raat Younhi Guzar Jaatay Hain
Merey Ye Raastay Teri Raahoun Se
Ho Kar Aatay Hain
Per Aaye Kyun Na Tu
Per Aaye Kyun Na Tu

Teri Aaghosh Se Sab Raahatein Aisay Jurreen
Jaisay Ho Jism Se Saaya
Dur Tujh Se Hua Khud Se Hua Main Baykhabar
Per Tujhay Na Bhula Paaya
Terey Khayaal Se Merey Dard Saaray Sanwar Jaatay Hain
Merey Ye Raastay Teri Raahoun Se
Ho Kar Aatay Hain
(Per Aaye Kyun Na Tu ) (x2)

lyrics on shaupdates mujhe aaye kyu sukoon
hhhal Jaye Gi Raat Phir Aaye Gi Yaad Tujh Ko Kabhi Jo Meri
Aisa Mujhay Hai Yaqeen
Aao Gay Phir Tum Yaheen
Tum Laut Aana Wahan Per Jahan Se Shuru Thee Hui Dooriyaan
Chhorray Hain Terey Liye
Qadmoun Kay Main Nay Nishaan
Jo Aaye Shaam Tou Panchhi Bhi Saaray
Ghar Aatay Hain
Hazaar Darbadar Hotay Hain Phir Bhi Chalay Aatay Hain
Per Aaye Kyun Na Tu
Per Aaye Kyun Na Tu

It is the R&B song. Asim Subhani said that Sukoon song is the voice of each and every person who had fallen in love atleast once in their life. According to him, Every one gets some Sukoon when they think of some person whom they love once or still loves anyone during their tough times.

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Hope you liked the Mujhay Aaye Kyun Sukoon song of Bilal Saeed and Asim Subhani – Sukoon song lyrics and video. If you enjoyed this (Sukoon) article, then share it with your friends. If you have any issues or any suggestion, let us know to improve SHAupdates.

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