Kapil Sharma Going to Marry Preeti Simoes soon?

By | Dec 3, 2013

Kapil Sharma Going to Marry Preeti Simoes soon? : Kapil Sharma, the biggest, funniest comedian and popular television icons prefers to keep silent over his personal life but somehow media find its ways to get in and open it out.

There has been a lot of buzz about romantic rumours of him in the past. But this comedian also denied all those and shooted them down every time they come up. The latest romantic rumour links him to his college girlfriend, Ginni Chatrath.

kapil sharma

But, now all know that Ginni Chatrath is the ex girlfriend of the stand up comedian and these are not going to patch and match up again anytime in their future. So, we all go and stuck up to the next topic of him is his relationship with his current gf Preeti Simoes.

Kapil Sharma, the comedian has declared officially that he is in a serious relationship with his colleague Preeti Simoes.¬†A very close friend of Kapil confirms that fact as well to the media by saying, “Both of them got attracted to each other when he was doing Comedy Circus. Preeti has been working in the TV industry for many years.”

Rumour has it, that Kapil and Preeti are extremely serious about each other, so serious about their relationship that they are actually intending to take it to the next step, which of course is marriage. So now, all that is left for this couple to do is to tell the world, when they are getting married.

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