Bigg Boss 8 Teaser Trailer Feat. Salman Khan as Pilot

By | Aug 15, 2014

Bigg Boss 8 Teaser Feat. Salman Khan: Salman Khan is fully ready to make a strong comeback on your TV Screen. The teaser looks a bit confusing. Why? Because our Dabangg Khan puts a Pilot Suit on his dashing body and then went on a Big Jet. What does it mean?

The theme and actor’s appearance will touch deep down in your heart. It’s that much fascinating.

As we all know about the Super Reality Show that they always come up with a brand new idea that make the viewers think twice. The same they have done in this season’s trailer that will leave in question in your mind.

We can say that with last three seasons in Bigg Boss Teasers, something different is happening. In 6th Season’s Teaser, the show the three monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi and 7th showed as the two looks of Salman, Devil as well as Angel.

A news source stated that the Bigg Boss 8 official Teaser was entirely shot in Bangkok. Is Bigg Boss House is going to game at a new place even outside of India?

Everybody is getting their mind banging with this question. The answer would be yes or no, it depends on show’s officials what they have decided for the game. People or say the Bigg Boss fan following wanted Salman Khan to be host and there is he.

Many big faces of Bollywood like Ranbir Kapoor and SRK are selected to host but at last the Colors Channel Official Account on Twitter posted the same to confirm it.

Salman Khan will be charging Rs 5 to 6 Cr. per week to just host the show. But anyway he is Being Human, as per to a news. I only want to add that get ready to see the full stage fire on Bigg Boss Season 8.

The teaser came out within a week after the Colors TV officially confirmed that Salman Khan will once again host the eighth season of this controversial celebrity game show.

According to some sources, the dabangg Khan will charge atleast Rs 5 cr per week. And this show is likely to happen outside India may be in Bangkok.

It’s getting bigger and bigger after each season with our one and only Dabangg Khan. Enjoy the Bigg Boss 8 Teaser trailer just right here and share your thoughts with us. Watch the teaser and share it.

Bigg Boss 8 Teaser

Stay tuned with us to get updated with every news regarding Bigg Boss Season 8.

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