HP might Launch HP Slatebook 14, a Cheap-Priced Android based laptop

By | May 1, 2014


HP is going to launch an Android Based HP Slatebook 14 as the leaked video suggest. The has been removed for certain reasons that HP knows. HP hasn’t revealed any details concerning the upcoming Slatebook like pricing or release date.

The video was uploaded by an Italian Publication and unveiled the following features:

The new HP Slatebook 14 likely to come with a Full HD 14-inch display having slim design available in two coloue variants i.e., Black and Yellow. This new device is packed with a quad-core Nvidia Tegra Processor with installed RAM of 2GB. It has other features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3USB ports, HDMI slot, Micro SD card slot and also a SIM Card slot for uninterrupted connectivity. The HP Slatebook 14 comes with an integrated Beats Audio Technology.

HP Slatebook 14

It is obvious that the new Slatebook will likely to come with a touch display as we know that the Android OS is designed for touch features and default Google integration. The Applications will be downloaded from the Play Store. The video hasn’t revealed that wich version of Android OS is loaded. Our team guesses that it might be KitKat.

HP Slatebook 14

The video unmasked the “Ultra Slim” design of the new Slatebook. This Slatebook is going to be as Cheap Notebook so our assumption is that the chasses will likely to be made up of polycarbonate.

HP Slatebook 14

Most of us thinks that Android OS can’t be a full-fledged laptop Operating System. This is natural because when anyone looks at multitasking management system in current available operating Systems like Windows or Macintosh. Further when we compare with other cheaper Chrome books, Android based laptop may able to hit the market by making some changes like filing the OS space for low-cost laptops. All other features and our guesses will be clear only when HP officially leak the features of HP Slatebook 14. HP most likely to release the Slatebook 14 in May 2014.


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  1. Swapnadip Chakraborty

    Really glad to know that HP’s new statebook 14 is about to come to the market with new stylish features.


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