India’s Largest Grassland for Tigers to be Build in Bihar

By | Mar 24, 2014

The one of the most poor state of India is now building India’s largest grassland in over 800 acres and it’ll only be made for tigers to give them a secure and meaningful live. They’ve decided to do this big project because they noticed that the numbers of big cats is doubled over the past three years.

bihar grassland for tigers in bihar

“We made the decision to build a biggest grassland for tigers in the country, it will surely provide a good life to them. The project is begun and we are on our first point to clean the bushes of undesirable species like mikenia, eupatorium and phoenix, the major causes on fire in jungle, to get converted to a grassland.” Santosh Tiwari, the director of Valmiki Tiger Reserve in West Champaran district, touched to boarder of Nepal, told us in an interview.
Tiwari stated that there isn’t another place for building such a big grassland for tigers.

“We have decided to pay Rs 2 Crore for building it” he said, the lack of money and funds is the reason to hold the project for a long time. There is also another problem comes out, the peoples of the boarder of Uttar Pradesh are using the forest for serving food to their cattles.

“We will have to fence and develop grassland to check the grazing of cattle,” Tiwari said.

He also stated with us that when the grassland will completely produced then it will become the safest place for tigers to live in a healthy and lively environment. The grassland it will the more prey animal will present, so then it will support more tigers.

He stated that the, Madanpur forest of UP is also a home of other herbivores animals because the rich nutrient alluvial soil contains the rich water of Gandak river which also helps in the growth of grass fields. These rich grasses for herbivore known as imperata cylindrica, saccharum spontaneum and saccharum munja.

The director of Wildlife Trust of India is also helping for the development of grassland to forest section; also said that in the past there are more tiger reserve grassland are present but due to the cutting of wood from the forest and now they are only left as woodland. Some peoples use them as for agriculture.

We have to thanks to Wildlife Trust as he improve the state of Indian grassland and it helps to save more tigers. Now, the figures of Indian Tigers has got a big change by two times over the past three years. The rich source of nutrition from the forest grasses and bushes are a food for the deer and other herbivore animals. The more quality food boosts their energy for reproduction

“We have only succeed to count only 22 tigers through our cameras.” Tiwari said. The numbers of tigers actually presented in 2010 are only 10.

“Over the past three years, we have noticed a drastic change in the population of tigers. The young youth played a important to catch poachers and save tiger and stop other to enter in our grassy lands.” Santosh Tiwari said.

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