MTV Roadies XI Season Grand Finale 2014 Winner – Nikhil Sachdeva

By | May 18, 2014

As it happens with everything that nothing stays for a long.

Again one time MTV Hero Roadies XI T.V. Reality Show has been over with a hilarious Grand Finale.

Roadies XI set up some new goals that participants has to complete and one from them did it very well and become the winner of MTV Roadies XI, the winner is Nikhil Sachdeva.

MTV Hero Roadies, sometimes know for its hard to done tasks; fun; emotions etc. etc. Almost every season of the MTV Roadies loved by people a most and the same happens with MTV Roadies XI Season.

MTV Roadies has been completed its 11 popular seasons. They show something unique every time that’s because the show is so popular.

After lot of competition, we have only left one winner that posses all the power to win a MTV Roadies XI Title.

MTV Hero Roadies X1 Winner Nikhil Sachdeva, Delhi

Winner of MTV Roadies 11 Season

MTV Hero present Roadies XI begun with 15 great successful man that comes from competing each other in audition.

Today, MTV Roadies XI celebrate their Grand Finale night and come up with a new start of India, Nikhil Sachdeva.

The MTV Roadies XI Final Contestant names were Nikhil Sachdeva, Utkarsh Khanna, Garima Bhateja and Meher Gill. But notice finals will be many while winner is only one.

 Nikhil Sachdeva is the winner and won the MTV Roadies XI Title and become a legend to us. The MTV Roadies Grand Finale conducted in Great Rann of Kutch, Gujrat.

Our Delhi cool dude boy performed very will that make him win the title and get some extra respect throughout the India. And this is what done by Nikhil to win the trophy and he is the only one to take this honor to his home.

Nikhil, that is a Title winner now, back in past year he made a fail try to come in last season of Roadies but with of some reasons he reject by Judges, but this year Nikhil is something more from what he was back.

This time he made a powerful comeback in MTV and selected oh! not even selected.. but win the Title. What will be the biggest victory of his life, what he desire he got, there’s nothing when you dream of something and it comes true.

I don’t watch that Episode! Oh I missed that! Its a very bad-to-know thing. But don’t worry because we’l give you the full recording of MTV Roadies XI Grand Finale. Its provided below and you can see the whole episode with just single click.

Grand Finale Complete Episode of MTV hero Roadies XI :

Watch the Awesome Episode of MTV Hero Roadies X1 Grand Finale 2014 and Enjoy .

That’s all. Go and check out the MTV Roadies XI Grand Finale Full Episode. Stay tuned with us for more latest update regarding latest stuff.

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