Supreme Court of India Recognized third gender for Transgenders

By | Apr 16, 2014

The eunuchs of India are presumably the crowded third sex sort in the Mumbai based group health association.

Eunuchs social development has battled for recombination as the third gender. In 2005, Indian visa provision structures were upgraded with three gender choices: Male, Female and Eunuch. Some Indian languages have three sex alternatives such as Sanskrit.


India’s two million Transgenders are now recognized as third sex and comes under backward class and have reservation in Universities and government jobs, after two million years.

The court says : “It is the right of every Human Being to choose their gender”.

One of the two judges, Justice K.S. Radhakrishanan told the court that “Recognition of eunuchs as a another gender is a human right not a social or medical issue”.

The court ordered that transgenders (HIJRAS) are include in welfare programmes and can apply for public sector jobs also.

The court said in order that “Hijras are also citizens of India. The soul of the Constitution is to give parallel opportunity to each native to develop and gain potential, independent of their caste, religious and gender”.

Elected and state governments will need to distinguish third gender (eunuchs) on birth certificated, driving licenses and other identification documents. Transgenders also lies under minority to fill reserved seats in jobs, school and colleges.

India now distinguishes the transgender group as a third gender, this decision only applies to transgenders individuals and not lesbians, gays, or bisexuals.

The court order to assign lawful sanitation facilities to transgender. The Court also order that the government must note that they have retrieved to medical care and different facilities like independent toilet and wards in hospital.

This is not the first time that a country is recognizing the third gender. In 2007, the Supreme Court of Nepal order to remove all laws that are based on gender, then the court recognizes a third gender. In 2012, Bangladesh also distinguish a third sex.

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