A Muslim Girl Won ISKCON Bhagwad Gita Champions League Contest

By | Apr 4, 2015

It’s a surprise to all. A Girl who is studying in just 6th standard (12 years old) won the Bhagwad Gita competition. It was titled as ‘Bhagwad Gita Champions League Contest‘ and conducted by ISKCON in March 2015.

ISKCON stands for International Society for Krishna Consciousness. This society organizes several types of religious competitions throughout the year.

Mariyam Asif Siddiqui is the name of the girl who won it. Currently, she studies in 6th Class in Cosmopolitan High School on Mira Road in Mumbai. A total of 4,500 candidates participated in the contest.

She got the first position as well as the prize for that place. It was a sort of inter-school competition meant to spread the religious teachings mentioned in the book for everybody and everyday life.

She is the daughter of Asif Naseem Siddiqui. Asif is working on the post of an editor in a local daily known as Bartaman News. Mariyam said that she was able to participate in that competition due to the encouragement of her parents.

A Muslim Girl Won #ISKCON Bhagwad Gita Champions League Contest - http://shar.es/1g4zlj  #Gita #BhagwadGita #India

Mariyam Asif Siddiqui – A Muslim Girl Won #ISKCON Bhagwad Gita Champions League Contest – http://shar.es/1g4zlj
#Gita #BhagwadGita #India

They gave her the perception that every religion is made to protect mankind and meant for its welfare. So, no religion is bad if taken in a positive way. There is no way to hate any religion. All are good. The only thing which needed to be seen is the positive ones and in good manner.

Mariyam told her learning which she learnt from the holy book of Gita. She said that it teaches that the humanity is the biggest religion of the world. She added that she loved reading the book and learnt many things from it. She got lots of valuable information regarding the life and how it rules. The biggest thing got from it, it was that the humanity is the only religion.

This competition was really big and almost 150 schools of Mumbai participated in it. It was “Srimad Bhagwad Gits Champion League” organized by a big organization known as ISKCON. This contest consisted of a round of Gita recitation in English and a written examination. The prize distribution ceremony held on 15th March 2015.

Mariyam’s father quoted that these kids are the nation’s future. Future responsibilities are on them. They are to be nurtured properly. Thus, any religion should not become any type of barrier separating these children from each other. All should learn that all religions are equal and should be respected equally.

Her parents had a great contribution in order to taught Mariyam about the importance of Mahabharata in Hindu religion. Her parents also want to teach her about all other religions. After winning the contest, Mr. Siddiqui said that he and his mother are happy.

The English version of the Gita was provided by the organizing committee. It was handed over to students so that they can prepare with sufficient time. ISKCON also appointed a teacher in order to help them with the book.

On the examination day, 100 questions were asked to answer. Asif, her father mentioned that he too happy with his daughter’s performance and interest to understand other religions.

As her teacher – Sapana Brahmandkar, Mariyam approached her in order to take holy book of Gita showing interest to take part in the competition organized by ISKCON. She regulary cleared her doubts with her teacher. On a surprise note, she was able to score 100 percent.

This is a good news as it came after the controversies created by politicians.

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