AAP Sting Operation: Arvind Kejriwal was taped Poaching Congress MLAs

By | Mar 12, 2015

AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal Sting Operation : He is the Chief Minister of National Capital, Delhi. He was a former Indian Revenue Service Officer and after getting retired from that post he served as social activist along with the great social activist Anna Kazare.

He is the seventh CM of Delhi and this time he is his second term of being the Chief Minister. He is the National Conener of his political party, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). He launched his party in 2012 and defeted former Chief Minister in 2013 Delhi Legislative Assembly Election. Then he resigned after being CM on 14th Februrary 2014 stating inablity of his government to pass his proposed Jann Lokpal Bill.

Arvind Kejriwal Sting Operation

When Arvind fought his first election for Delhi Legislative Assembly he won against former CM Mrs. Sheila Dikshit by a great mrgin of 25,864 votes and his party won 28 seats in all out of 70 seats. INC (Indian National Congress) had supported Arvind’s AAP and allowed him to form government.

After his resignation as CM on 14th February 2014, he fought Delhi Legislative Assembly Election second time in 2015 and his party came with flying colors with 67 seats out of 70 seats. Now, he is the current CM of Delhi.

Now their is an internal problem in AAP reported recently and its two MLAs Mr. Prashant Bhushan and Mr. Yogendra Yadav had blamed CM Arvind Kejriwal to be a dictator. Joint note produced by both of them on 26th February 2015, summarises the concerns raised by party’s ombudsman, Admiral Ramdas, about the problems with functioning of AAP.

Their was an official meeting of the high officials of the AAP and then the problem seems to be sorted. Both Prashant and Yogendra also said that now they do not have any problem and they will accept the duties alloted t them.

AAP Arvind Kejriwal Sting Operation

AAP Arvind Kejriwal Sting Operation

Now, after few days of the internal affair of the party, another issue comes into lime light. The political party which is famous for using sting operations on other political parties and those who are indulged in wrong deeds is first time in news for a sting operation on its Nation Convener and Delhi CM Arvind.

In July 2014, this sting was recorded after Kejriwal’s resignation from CM post and they were fighting a case in Supereme Court asking for new and fresh Assembly Elections in Delhi. The audio recording wwas released or leaked yesterday and took the party at a new low.

The audio is a conversation between Arvind Kejriwal and AAP’s former MLA Mr. Rajesh Garg in which Kejriwal urges former MLA from Rohini to separate or break six MLA’s of INC (Indian National Congress) from INC and make them join his party i.e., AAP and help them form a goverment.

In response to the allegations made by four senior AAP memberrs against them, they replied through a joint letter and also raised another phase of M.r Kejriwal that he attempted to form government with INC immediately after Legislative Assembly election results which was contradictory to his and his party’s statement that they will not merge into any other political party to form government.

AAP Arvind Kejriwal Sting Operation: Tried Breaking Congress

According to Mr. Rajesh Garg he had not recorded that conversation among two specially but each and every call made through his mobile phone is automatically recorded through an app. According to the audio recorded the conversation was as follows :

AK : Let me tell you, you try to take six of them aside. They can form a party and extend support ot us from outside.

Rajesh Garg : I will plan.

AK : These six were going to join BJP but could not do so as three of them are Muslims.

Rajesh Garg : Yes, three are Muslims. They wont join BJP.

AK : They wont be able to go, they can support us from outside.

From the above conversation it is clear that Kejriwal tried to break INC to benefit himself and form government of his party.

What do you say? Is this AAP Arvind Kejriwal Sting Operation is real or fake?

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