Abhishek Bachchan Completed 7 Year Journey With his ‘Blog’

By | Apr 17, 2015

Mumbai: The century’s greatest Bollywood celebrity Amitbah Bachchan has completed seven years of journey with his blog on Tumblr CMS (Content Managing System). He wrote on Friday some beautiful words about the magnificent journey, he completed along with his fans. He said, “It has been 7 years since this blog came into existence.”

 It would not be wrong to say that Amitabh has become a Social Media addict as he keep sharing stuff on his Tumblr blog, voice blog, Twitter and Facebook. He stay tuned with his social family every moment.

He wrote, “It has been seven consecutive years writing and talking about the same family. A family which we all are very dedicated to and also loyal members. It has taken an insane amount of time writing and publishing notes here. It has to something big. It has to be ‘I or something different’.”

Amitabh & Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Amitabh Bachchan

He expressed his feelings prodigiously in just a few words. Could you guess what it referred to, when you read, ‘I’? He talked about his blog to be a person, an individuals with whom he has spent a lot of time sharing his hearty feelings, every moment he lived during the day.

 “I will leave with a heavy heart, but will come back soon. Love to you all.”… the megastar added.

The Big B has an enormous amount of fan following not only on silver screens, but on social media too. He managed 40 Million fans online, 20 M on Facebook, he crossed recently 14 M followers on Twitter, and he has 6 Million fan on Tumblr also. He is the number #1 Bollywood celebrity on Twitter.

Massive shout-out from SHA to Amit sir for putting his efforts for 7 years to create an online empire.

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