Airbus Supports ‘Make In India’ with $2 Billion

By | Apr 12, 2015

Paris: The France based aircraft company ‘Airbus‘ is ready to support the ‘Make In India‘ campaign started by Indian Primer Minster – Narendra Modi. He also visited the company’s manufacturing factories to see all the infrastructure, workers and quality. All information is made available to them by the officials of the airline.

The CEO of ‘Airbus’ also tremendously welcomes Mr. Modi to their nation France. He said, “We are feeling proud to have such an inspirational guest here. And he gave us the opportunity to welcome new businesse links between two nations. India has been one of our focus since a long time, and we feel an honor to contribute to make products in India, itself.” The photos of Modi welcome are shared below.

Tuluj said that we support Indian PM’s call to ‘Make in India’, and we are ready to manufacture in India for India and the world. Airbus has run two engineering centers in India already and they are being operated in two different locations to help in producing more quality product.

One of these is based on civil aviation and other for defense purposes. Besides, it also has a research and technology center based in Kolkata. These centers have a total of 400 skilled workers are working in it.

Airbus Supports 'Make In India' with $2 Billion

Airbus Supports ‘Make In India’ with $2 Billion

Airbus Defence and Space requested a joint proposal with Tata in India for the production of modern C -295 aircraft. The Indian Air Force has opened their hands to accept the offer and to replace the old Avro aircraft to with new, better and powerful modern C -295 aircraft.

In addition, the France based company is also planning to partner with some fortune Indian companies to manufacturer ‘Airbus Helicopters‘. Mr. Narendra Modi also visited the French Space Agency (CNES), where he was welcomed by a group of Indian students, working and studying aerospace technology.

Make In India campaign is funded with $2 Billions by ‘Airbus’. The motive of MIN project is to produce necessary things in India to save extra tax which usually billed in shipping, VAT and advertising.

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