Airtel To Announce 4G In Delhi Soon

By | Apr 23, 2015

New Delhi: The India’s largest cellular operator Airtel has decided to launch the 4th generation mobile network in India. Their first target is the national capital territory – Delhi. The company has said to launch their 4G Internet services soon. They have got green chit from DoT – Department of Telecom.

The company has currently been hooked in a legal inquiry. The company, somehow, has managed to get 4G spectrum from buying the entire Wireless Business Services Pvt Ltd which has now became Airtel Broadband Services.

To get benefited from 4G, Airtel has approached to give Rs 436 Crores to DoT to partner with Airtel Boradband Services. On this statement DoT, Airtel filed an argument case in TDSAT.

Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) replying to Airtel & DoT said on February 9th, “The petitioner will be free to operationalise the spectrum subject to filing an undertaking before the court that in case the petition fails, it shall pay to the Union of India the sum of Rs 436.09 crore along with interest as may be determined by the tribunal within eight weeks from the date of judgement.”



A few sources confirm that the DoT has embedded in TDSAT and have given a green signal to Bharti Airtel.

If the request of Airtel fails to convince the court, it will certainly have to pay the price of Rs 436 Crore and partner with DoT to launch its 4G services in India.

The 4G is a hot topic around metro cities in India. In this race, several telecom companies such as Reliance, Idea etc. have teamed up with Huawei to enable 4G speed to users.

When asked to Airtel about why don’t they partner with Huawei like others are doing, they refused to say anything.

ABSPL still provides broadband wireless access to four states of India – Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala and Haryana. The company can use this spectrum to launch 4G but it won’t have a speedy connection with their few towers.

Airtel has already enabled 4G networks in 19 different cities in India, but it would first of its kind to enable an entire state in one blow.

Bharti Airtel had talked about offering 4G connectivity in other states (which are not metro cities). Then the company said that they have plans to launch 4G in Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, North East and Punjab by December 2015, Karnataka by February 2015 and Rajasthan by April 2016,

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