Akshay Kumar: I Was A Corrupt Person

By | Apr 27, 2015

Mumbai: Nowadays, Akshay Kumar is in discussions for his upcoming movie ‘Gabbar is Back’. He will be seen teaching lessons to all the corrupted politicians and officers. Akshay himself said that there was a time when he has been a corrupted person in his life. Before coming to the Bollywood Film Industry, he has struggled much.

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The actor Akshay Kumar mentioned that: – “There was a time when I spent one-one rupee very carefully. Let me tell you one story of my life before I was an actor. I once stepped in an auto rickshaw, and sat down, holding the rod next to the meter to stop the meter readings and save some pennies.

The fair was automatically decreased to 8 rupees directly from 28 rupees. I was very happy and when the driver asked me the fair, then I argued with him. Despite the long distance traveled, I only gave him Rs 8 at the end of our talk. I then tried to try this trick again with other auto, and I sat down in a rickshaw and meter billed 40 Rupees as the travel fair, and then I suddenly tried to fill the meter down.

But the opposite happened, despite of getting the numbers lower, it went higher to 140 Rupees. I became hesitated, and then I stopped the driver and asked him to check his meter again and then put customers in it.

This story of mine clearly shows that if you try to be smart, extra smart, then you will may have to face the loss in coming future as well.”

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The actor also added that we, at a point in our lives, all gets corrupted and bribe someone to flush our work faster. We have done corruptly knowingly or unknowingly once or twice in life. The film “Gabbar Is Back” is based on a true story of similar manner.

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