Arjun Kapoor Is Taking Cooking Classes From Farah Khan, For Who?

By | Apr 23, 2015

It seems that Arjun Kapoor is looking forward to start a family, that’s why he is learning how to cook these days. Actually, the Bollywood ‘Superman’ actor Arjun will present his debut on show ‘Farah Ki Dawat‘ as a cook.

Nowadays, he is learning along with the show’s host Farah Khan about the art of cooking. However, he is taking the training just for the show, but he has now revealed that he is rather learning for his upcoming partner. He learnt to cook ‘Wild Matan’, he looked too unorganized during this learning session.

During the show, Arjun was learning the recipe of fish. At the same time, Farah came and said that he is cooking ‘Wild Matan’ to fulfill his stomach, being in another country.

In this statement of Farah, Arjun said that he is not cooking and learning it to fire his hunger, rather he is doing it for his upcoming life partner to create ease in the future. Suddenly Farah asked him, ‘How should your wife look like?’

arjun kapoor farah ki daawatarjun kapoor farah ki daawat

Arjun Kapoor with Farah Khan at Farah Ki Daawat set

Hence, in response, Arjun said that she should have fond of food, but the most important among them should be their mutual understanding and she should know all about a Hindi Cinema lifestyle. The bride-to-be will be better than the film.

This show will be aired on Colors TV on 26th April, 2015 and you will see Arjun cooking some hot food for contenders and himself. This show airs new episodes on a weekly basis and everyone a new celebrity come with some magical cooking experience.

Arjun Kapoor does not have any upcoming projects in 2015. He starred in Tevar (featuring Kay Kay Menon and Sonakshi Sinha) this year, which had an average run at the Box Office.

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