Arshad Warsi Insulted Journalists At ‘Welcome 2 Karachi’ Trailer Launch Event

By | Apr 14, 2015

Arashad Warsi, along with the entire cast, launched their upcoming film “Welcome 2 Karachi” trailer at an event. But the comedian, actor Arshad crossed the threshold of joking and misbehaved with media representatives.

However, after the incident, He wrote on Twitter that, “Today I hurt two journalists with my sense of humor….. I think I should keep my humorous side only with my friends.”

Arshad started insolence from a female journalist when she asked about the reason for using abusive language in the film.

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Arshad, in return, said that, “We go to the Himalayas, and then after few hours we decided to use this kind thing, this is such a stupid question, next question please.”

Arshad Warsi at Welcome 2 Karchi Trailer Launch

Arshad Warsi

Another journalist, while asking a question pronounced film as “fielm”. Then Warsi said, “Bhai, what is this fielm called, I do not know.”

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Then when the reported told that he incorrectly pronounced the word because of ulcers in his mouth, then Arshad said, that, “I still have a sore throat, and your brain is impaired.”

The actor crossed all the limitations, when he was asked about Irfan Khan.

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Irfan was a part of the movie firstly, but he had to leave it because he did not have free dates to work on a new project. And now Jackie is playing Irfan character.

Arshad Warsi using Abusive Language

Arshad Warsi’s intervention on this question, stated, “I want to say one thing clearly, in my interview with the Mumbai Mirror magazine , that I do not and would have never said that Irfan Irfan was supposed to be a better Choice. Irfan has a different kind of personality, and Jackie has given a new shape to our film. I did not even said that Lauren Gttileb was not film’s heroine. ”

Stating the name of the Mumbai Mirror magazine, the actor said, “I will rip your ass.”

Many Bollywood actors and actresses have recently come to misbehave with the media. Along with this trend actor Arshad Warsi, other celebrities are also attached to it such as Jaya Bachchan, Vikramaditya Motwani, Anurag Kashyap, Salman Khan and others.

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