Badlapur 4th Day Collection 1st Monday Box Office Business Report

By | Feb 23, 2015

Badlapur 4th Day Collection / Badlapur 1st Monday Box Office Business and Occupancy Report : The overall good movie is getting support and encouragement for the story and excellent script. Another different movie by the director Sriram Raghavan.

Well, after the impressive start from the first made movie ‘Ek Haseena Thi’, Sriram brings another of his different and unique adventure. Previously, the director was appreciated for his different story and good work. And this time also, people are actually impressed by his work on the screen.

The movie is screened in 1700 screens across the country, the movie have earned a total of 6 Crore which is at some average than expected. The team has done a marvelous job and even the audience thinks that they have got something very much different from their regular genres after a very long gap. So, with good money, the movie has done a good review from the viewers too.

Badlapur 4th Day Collection

According to the sources, “Badlapur” bagged an amount of ₹ 84.74 lakh from the UAE-GCC boxoffice. Reacting on this, the famous critic and trade analyst Adarsh said:

“#Badlapur – UAE & GCC [revised total]: Thu AED 500,000 [₹ 84.74 lacs]. Very good!”

Occupancy on 4th Day: 40-45%

1st Day (Friday) Box Office Report:  7.2 crore INR

2nd Day (Saturday) Earning:  8.75 crore INR

3rd Day (Sunday) Box Office Income:  8 crore INR

Badlapur 4th Day Collection 1st Monday box office collection Report: 4.20 Crore INR

Badlapur 4 days Total Box Office Collection: 29.1 Crore INR

The story revolves around a person who wants to take revenge or badla of his killed wife and son who were his life. The actual story will be here after the 4th day of the movie is over. The lead has represented the sad hero of the movie in a well felt manner.

There is a bank robbery and two robbers have come to rob a bank and so when they encounter the main lead actress and his son, one of them kills them two. But one of them gets caught by the police and he gets some fifteen years of imprisonment as he was found guilty for his crime. While on the other hand, Varun gets around for taking revenge and finding on these robbers who murdered his wife and son.

Badlapur 4th Day Collection 1st Monday Box Office Business Report

Badlapur 4th Day Collection 1st Monday Box Office Business Report

After spending a total of fifteen years of his life, he found the robbers but only finds one of them who was also married and was outside the prison. So, when he sees his revenge that was to be completed, he plans to kill the man and his wife too but in a secret manner. So, he plans his murder secretly. He kills them in a way that he could not get caught. In the meanwhile, the second robber gets bail from the prison. When the lead and the robber meat, the robber asks him about the reason behind killing his friend and his wife, then Varun tells him about his revenge.

Meanwhile, this robber is surviving from cancer also and tells Varun that he was the one who is a murderer of his wife and son and not his friend. Varun stands startled there and the robber takes blame of killing his friend and again goes to the prison. He dies within one year because of his Cancer disease. Varun is left just like that at the end of the movie. The robber teaches a moral that nothing was useful in taking revenge and wasting one’s life and hence the name of the movie is kept Badlapur.

The movie deserves the three and half stars that it had got already. The movie has changed the genre ting and is the one that deserves to be in the 100 Crore club. So, go in the theaters for the watch. Its worth it.

Badlapur 4th day Collection 1st Monday box office business report will be updated to exact figures by tomorrow’s afternoon. Till then, stay tuned to SHAupdates for daily updates on badlapur box office collection and other Bollywood news.

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