Black Widow to Release in May, Censor Board Imposed 26 Cuts

By | Apr 11, 2015

Mumbai: Dinkar Rao‘s upcoming Bollywood movie will release in the next month, May 2015. The film’s plot revolved around a prostitute’s life story. Due to its story, censor board has taken down 26 inappropriate scenes which could harm humanity and visibility of audience.

After creating much drama, the Rao’s Black Widow finally got the green flag from the censor house. This film has been in the censor board pipeline from last 2 years, but never got an exit anyhow. The director told about this long battle that, “The first time the review committee saw the movie, they had no problems with the film. But when an executive commissioner saw it, he banned ‘Black Widow’.”

The case at Tribunal

When Dinkar was told that the film has been banned to release in India by an additional commissioner comment, then he took the movie to the Tribunal. It has had to get through a rechecking process, and the committee decided to pull down 26 intimating scenes. After the process, it became 20 minutes shorter. With these cuts, now the venture is completely ready to release in India.

Black Widow release date

Black Widow release date

What’s the story!

The film shows the life of a prostitute, who lives in Mumbai, and her clients. Her day-to-day clients include Businessman, Murderer, Taxi Driver and Social Activists. The film features Shavani Grover, Sanjay Jain, Kunal Punjabi and Rohit Raj.

The actual date of release of Black Widow has been finalized but not yet revealed by the director. This adult drama movie would catch the eye balls of youngsters. The business potential would not be much like previous releases in the same genre. Do not forget that it is 2 years old stuff, and with 26 censored scenes which mean not much fun, masala and entertainment.

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