Brad Sherman To Host Indian Delegate Arun K Singh On 22nd August To Discuss US-India Ties

By | Aug 9, 2015

The Indian delegate, Arun K Singh has been invited to The USA to take part in the US-India bilateral benefits conversation. AK Singh will be hosted by a well-known Congressman from California, Brad Sherman. This meeting is scheduled to take place on the occasion of Indian Independence Day this year.

“During the Ambassador’s visit to Los Angeles, I plan on discussing ways we can further enhance the US-India friendship — a relationship based on the shared values of democracy, individual freedom, religious pluralism, and economic prosperity,” Congressman Brad Sherman said in an email to his constituents.

The Congressman revealed that the talks on India-US friendship and business will happen on 22nd August 2015 when he will present Indian envoy to the US in Los Angeles. As per the reports, a proper plan has been set up.

The meeting will start after attending the various events scheduled at Granada Hills Charter High School to celebrate India’s Independence. Thereafter, both the diplomats will take proper participation and will have healthy talks to benefit both the nations to improve the relationship.

Sherman said that being one of the top supporters of democracy on the Asia Subcommittee, which supervises US policy and relations in South Asia and East Asia, he stood up to support the good cause of taking initiatives to improve US-India relations and cooperation.

Back in March 2015, the subcommittee took India’s growing democratic power and the business relationship of India-US into consideration only after some senior officials from the Obama Administration justified it to the Asia Subcommittee.


Nisha Desai, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia of State Department, who testified the above things in March said that US-India relation was a major agenda which led Narendra Modi to win the prime ministerial elections, but it hasn’t got proper attention until now.

Nisha assured Sherman that India will be a stronger partner in the world only when it will become stronger from the inside. That is the reason why he is supporting the rise of the Indian economy. Moreover, he is supporting for $500 billion to work and give benefits to both the nations.

Further, Sherman shared that the religious persecution is at #2 in the issues list on which he will focus soon. It is a major concern what Hindu people face in Pakistan and Bangladesh in the day to day life.

He assured that all things will become better once the bilateral ties become successful.

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