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By | Jan 27, 2015

We have always seen a picture illustrating some politics or a message to be particular in the newspaper columns. These were given by R.K.Laxman. His full name was Rasipuram Krishnaswamy Laxman. He was born in Mysore on 24th October in 1921.

He was known for the cartoons he made for the common man illustrating his conditions and situations and even reactions. Laxman was a very known person. He got his column in the famous newspaper ‘Times of India’ which started to publish his cartoons in the year 1951. The column name was “You Said It”. RK Laxman was an Indian cartoonist, illustrator, and humorist.

Early in his career, he used to work for small magazines and newspapers. He worked forĀ  The Strand Magazine, Punch, Bystander, Wide World and Tit-Bits. He used to draw his cartoon and effect the people as cartoons were enjoyed by everyone. He was in Maharaja College of Mysore and in that time, he already worked for Blitz and Swarajya.

When he was a college student, his elder brother RK Narayana who used to write stories for another famous newspaper ‘The Hindu’, Laxman used to illustrate his stories in the newspaper. Impressed by his influential work, he was signed for a full time job. He has to now work in The Free Press Journal in Mumbai.

He was to make political cartoons for the journal. Then was his progress and he joined Times of India and became very famous for his common man character. This job was held for more than fifty years in his life.

With the family head which was his father, who was a headmaster, he had five brothers. One of his brothers is a famous novelist RK Narayana. He was known as ‘Pied Piper Of Delhi’. Also, anthropologist Ritu G. Khanduri had said, “R. K. Laxman structures his cartoon-news through a plot about corruption and a set of characters. This news is visualized and circulates through the recurring figures of the mantri (Minister), the Common Man and the trope of modernity symbolized by the airplane (2012: 304).”

Not that he dreamt of becoming a cartoonist from his childhood. He was a good artist in his childhood. He used to draw on the walls,on the floor and everywhere. His drawing teacher then told him that he might become an artist if he continues to draw like this. Then he started working on his dream to become an artist.

His another inspiration was Sir David Low which he used to read it like Cow. In his college life, he worked for Koravanji’s magazine and drew awesome cartoons for him. Koravanji was founded in 1942 by Dr M Shivaram who was an allopath and had a clinic around Majestic area in Bangalore. This man also encouraged him to work and thus Laxman started working in Gemini Studio located in Madras.

The one contribution of his drawing was Malgudi Days which was given a picture because of his art and his elder brother’s story got a view because of his drawings. His married life was somewhat critical as he married twice to the two women of same name- Kamala. Talking abut his achievements, he had received Padma Bhushan, Ramon Magsaysay and Padma Vibhushan. He was the one to be remembered as no one can actually forget his work and his contribution.

At the age of 94, on 23rd January, he was admitted in the hospital Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital in Pune, as he had some chest related problems with the urinary infection which led to multi-organ failure. Though he survived after many attacks since 2010, he died on 26th January 2015. And we lost a gem of our country on the republic day.

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