Elli Avram in Comedy Nights With Kapil 15th March 2015 – Bitto Ki Shaadi / Bittu Weds Manju / Band Baaja Baarat

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Elli Avram at Comedy Nights With Kapil 15th March 2015 Episode 151 – Bitto Ki Shaadi / Bittu Weds Manju / Band Baaja Baarat : As usual, this weekend we have CNWK. But this episode was awesome. It went into the flashback of main character’s wedding.

This is not only the stuff. Guess who were the guests on the night. If you don’t know then, let’s tell you. Vikas Bahl – director, producer and screenwriter (Queen fame) came along with Altaf Raja – qawwali singer. They came for the promotion of their upcoming film Hunterrr.

Comedy Nights With Kapil 15th March 2015

The 151th episode of CNWK became a surprising element of the show’s history. This is one of the best episodes created yet. This time, the wedding of Bittu Sharma and Manju was shown. Actually, Bitto was telling his story of marriage to his Nani. So, the show goes like this. Some TV and Bollywood actors were specially called for the show.

They included Sargun Mehta, Rashami Desai, Elli Avram and Sugandha. They are played the role of Manju’s sisters, relatives and friends. Bittu, Dolly (Dadi) and Pinky (Bua) go to Manju’s house to look for the Bride. While, the pre-wedding rituals were going on Bittu was very happy as he had good moments with some gorgeous saalis. They pulled the leg of their soon to be Jija (brother-in-law).

Bittu liked them and was happy as he thought that the bride is going to be very beautiful, sexy, gorgeous and all that. Sargun, Rashami and all danced with their hone waale jijaji track. For the first time, we saw the mother of Manju. Guess who played it.

Sunil Grover aka Gutthi played the role of her mom. She asked all the girls to not to let Bitto leave without giving anything. They all compelled him to give some gifts to them for the first time. The excitation of Bittu was increased by Manju’s family as they played a trick on him.

Elli Avram in Comedy Nights With Kapil 15th March 2015

Manju’s family satisfied Bittu by showing a beautiful girl. Bitto thought that this is the girl to whom he is going to marry. This girl was Elli Avram. He danced with her on Chand Chupa Badal Mein song while imagining that she is going to be her wife.

On the wedding / marriage day, the Baarat along with Bittu, Dadi and Bua arrived to Bride’s home. They all came having fun, dancing and enjoying in all way. Then, as the traditions were going on as per the schedule, Manju with some other girls came. She felt shy as her marriage is just going to happen.

The father-in-law of Bittu was happy seeing her daughter getting married. Then along with the traditions, there were lots of punches going on from all the sides. All danced on the Band Baaja Baarat song with enthusiasm.

Then, it comes the turn of pheras. As Bittu and Manju started taking pheras, Bittu’s sister-in-law (saali) started the same along with them. This was just for some lighter note to have some more funny moments.

Comedy Nights With Kapil 15th March 2015 Episode 151 - Bitto Ki Shaadi / Bittu Weds Manju

Comedy Nights With Kapil 15th March 2015 Episode 151 – Bitto Ki Shaadi / Bittu Weds Manju

While thinking of Manju, Bittu was going fastly to his room to meet the bride as he was thinking that she would be waiting for him eagerly. But as Bittu reached the room, he get shocked as he saw his sasur (father-in-law) in the dress of bride. Bittu was really annoyed at him but dealt peacefully.

To have some more hilarious moments on the show. You should watch it anyhow. Comedy Nights With Kapil 15th March 2015 Episode 151 to know more about tonight’s show.

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