Sushant Singh Rajput at Comedy Nights With Kapil on 29th March 2015 For Detective Byomkesh Bakshy’s Promotion

By | Mar 30, 2015

Sushant Singh Rajput & Anand Tiwari in Comedy Nights With Kapil on 29th March 2015 for Detective Byomkesh Bakshy’s Promotion: Woo…CNWK airs on Colors TV with another amazing episode as always. This time the show had two very good actors from Bollywood film industry.

Anand Tiwar and Sushant Singh Rajput appeared on the show as the guests. They were present on the sets for the promotion of their upcoming movie Detective Byomkesh Bakshy.

So, let’s quickly jump and see and read what actually happened in the show. Let’s check out to which level comedy and humor rose up in the 153rd episode of the comedy show.

Comedy Nights With Kapil 29th March 2015

The basic theme of this episode was Cricket. Thus, it was decided and made a Cricket Fever Special weekend by it. One more time Kapil appeared as Sittu. This time Sittu comes as a cricketer. He shares some of his stories of earlier days when he was young. Then, he tried to order / threaten some fellow but in return he got hit. He shared more of the memories likewise moments.

Later on, as the show proceeded he invited the duplicates of Sachin, Inzamam and even a duplicate of Siddhu itself. Paresh played the fake character of Sachin, while another one as Intazam (based on Inzamam Ul Haq), while Sunil Grover portrayed the character of Navjot Singh Siddhu.

All of them appeared on the stage. met with Sittu and played their assigned roles and dialogues. Sunil as Siddhu completely mimicked Siddhu with his every manner. There were few modifications to reflect some freshness and creativity.

Comedy Nights With Kapil 29th March 2015

Comedy Nights With Kapil 29th March 2015 – Promoting DBB

The dialogues were fictional as expected while finishing line changed to Jaali (net) from Taali (clap). Later on, all of those four on stage made their teams of 2 each. Sittu and Siddhu’s fake character were in one team while others two in one.

As you know, the show is more of fiction. Thus, Sittu decided to become the captain of both the team which is, however, not possible in reality. But got stick with his decision. The team of Sittu was named as – Thoka Taali while Sachin’s as – Comedy Night Writers.

On the next moment, there came the turn of toss. Intazam while tossing asks for to choose head or tail. But, Sittu went for Kadi Chawal and as a result Siddhu said Makki Ki Roti and Sarson Da Saag. These were some punches to make audience laugh.

But, Intazam taunted them and said that he is not asking for food langar. However, somehow they understood what actually was going on. After sometime, Sittu and all started dancing with the cheerleaders present there. They gave them good comfort zone for dancing. Sugandha was present there only, and sang some songs for those celebrations. Comedy Nights With Kapil 29th March 2015.

After the first part was over, Kapil came for his magazine interview and invited Sushant as Detective Byomkesh Bakshy. Anand Tiwari who is playing the role of Ajit Babu was also welcomed on the stage. Going by the theme of the movie, Bittu asked Sushant if he is or was watched over by his girlfriend at some point of time or regularly. He also added that if he has been caught once or not.

After this, Sushant shared his one real story of Delhi of recent time. He once visited to a beach theme party along with a director. To look like more at a beach, he wore garlands to give beach look at the party. After sometime when he returned to Mumbai, then his girlfriend while showing him some newspaper articles / photographs which were in beach clothing with less clothes. Then, she asked about the same incident while laughing a little.

After sometime, it was the time for Dadi and Pankhuri Aunty to appear on the show. They mark their entry with their unique styles and ways. After sometime, they started arguing each other’s statement which eventually turned into an usual fight.

Sushant came in between them and stopped them from fighting each other. He diverted them to dance on song – Calcutta Kiss from his upcoming movie. All of them started dancing. Sushant even followed the trademark dance of Dadi. Sushant even shared some more suprising elements with Dadi and Pankhudi aunty. That made both of them amazed.

There were a lot more funny elements and moments which will make you laugh out louder. So, you should watch the show (Comedy Nights With Kapil 29th March 2015) to get more out of it and have some good time.

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