Daljeet Kaur Alleges Shaleen Bhanot Of Domestic Violence

By | Jun 26, 2015

One more case of domestic violence came among the television celebrities. It seems that it is prevailing not only in a particular part of the society rather it is a big problem of all parts of the society. TV actress Dajleet Kaur unveiled it. According to her, her husband Shaleen Bhanot tried to strangle her.

In such cases, among others, the lives of TV celebrities are now a part of public scrutiny. Now, this is happening many times. Her case comes after Deepshikha Nagpal in this particular list.

Daljeet revealed this part of her post-marriage life during an interview to a leading daily. This is really a shocking portion of her life. This is the first time when Daljeet opened up this thing publicly that her husband tried to kill her.

“On 27th April 2015, one of my friends called me up and told me that he once saw Shaleen while kissing a girl. When I asked about it to him, he tried to strangle me while pinning me against the wall,” said Daljeet.

The violent behavior of Shaleen was once told by one of Daljeet’s friends. Friend of Daljeet said, “Shaleen is a very short-tempered guy and there have been incidences of physical abuse.”

Daljeet and Shaleen married out of love on 9th November 2009. Then, there were seen as a happy couple in Nach Baliye 4. But after winning the dance show, their life took a strange turn and differences started arising in December 2014.

Even, it is said that Daljeet tried to file a divorce case citing physical violence. She even said that Shaleen even stopped paying for their son’s meal. Soon, Daljeet left Shaleen and move to her parental home in Bengaluru with one year old son.

As of now, Daljeet is a single mother. She is bringing up her son alone and is open to do work in the industry.


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