Did Deepika Padukone stay with Ranveer in Hospital? (Shoulder Surgery)

By | Apr 6, 2015

Deepika Padukone roped in rumors by the media today about begin stayed with Ranveer at the hospital! Did Deepika really stop for her so-called boyfriend Ranveer? Find out…

Yesterday night, Ranveer Singh had undergone a surgery to correct his right hand shoulder, which he injured while performing an action scene in Baijaro Mastani! It was Saturday night, he being operated in Khar, and it operated successfully with surgeons and doctors. Now, what?

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Ranveer Singh in OT

Ranveer Singh in OT

Outside the hospital, a man confirmed that he saw Deepika Padukone at 9 PM going into the hospital alone. The next morning (Sunday), rumors started spreading out that Deepika was present at the hospital to support him (whatever), and Sunday afternoon she left.

After investigating, a news company said that Deepika stayed at the hospital and the very next day she left like no one hears the voice of the cat’s feet, whether she is coming or going.

It could be confirmed with an example of 2013 when, due to dengue, Ranveer admitted in a hospital, and Deepika stayed alongside him a for few days.

ranveer singh deepika padukone

Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone

As of now, Ranveer’s shoulder surgery underwent successfully with no problems. He walked out the hospital yesterday’s noon. With a happy mood, he also talked to the media about the tweet he posted while being injected anesthesia. That tweet blasted everyone in B-Town. Even several celebrities acted on this moment of RV and tweeted few things with their blessings.

The upcoming drama venture of Ranveer-Deepika will release on December 25th, 2015. The half of the movie has been shot, the second half is left and that would completed as they progress to release timings.

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