Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 Date for Voting & Counting

By | Jan 15, 2015

Delhi assembly elections 2015 date for voting and counting
: The vidhan sabha elections are decided to be held on 7th February this year. The counting of the votes will start on 10th February. The assembly election will be held in single phase. The election commission announced it on the evening of 12th January 2015.

The voters are quiet happy as they wanted the government to keep the assembly elections again. The government has to keep the elections and do it so soon because there is a rule in our democracy that a state or a place cannot be kept under President’s rule for more than fifteen months. Since, the fifteen months are going to get over; the elections are to be held as soon as possible.

There is something else which was needed to be seen out. The Lt. Governor has all the rights to take decisions on behalf of the President if he wants to so that the running projects may not stop in the middle but on the other hand, any state cannot actually start a new project for itself.

Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 Date

But, as the Lt. Governor’s position can be checked by the Home Minister of the country, and the Home minister belongs from BJP, it can be assumed that there was an indirect rule of BJP political party in the national capital.

The old assembly elections have already shown how people do not trust Congress with their city- Delhi. So, behind Congress, we have two direct competitors who will be fighting for their seats in the National Capital.

The competition is between AAP and BJP. AAP is Aam Aadmi Party who says that they will remove the corruption from the City using their party symbol and that is the broom. BJP is the Bhartiya Janta Party which is running under Narendra Modi, who has already influenced the people of India with his tremendous work and farsightedness, with the Lotus symbol for their party. So it is a direct competition between Arvind Kejriwal and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 Date for voting and counting

Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 Date for voting and counting

Arvind Kejriwal has already spoilt his image and almost wasted the opportunity that the voters of Delhi city gave him. After his resigning from the position of Chief Minister of the city, he has already made people sad and angry enough to feel that it was a waste of time and money of the public and the government as well to go for the election.

It is expected that Arvind will not get enough to play with people’s faith. And not more of people are ready to accept him as a CM and give him this opportunity again.

It is assumed that this time, the seats of BJP will get reduced and Congress may increase and AAP may have a hike. In the 2013 elections, Delhi had delivered a strange decision. The BJP won 32 seats while AAP made a debut bagging 27 seats.

There are a total of 70 seats on which both BJP and AAP will be competing. These seats are for the MLA’s in the Vidhaan Sabha. The Chief Election Commissioner, V S Sampath said, “The Commission is determined to enforce the Model Code of Conduct strictly and ruthlessly. Delhi will witness a very heated political campaign because these polls are only for Delhi and the attention of all political parties will be here,”

The decision will be taken by the public of Delhi. Will they vote AAP again? Even after the promises that were so fake that they cannot be realized and nor can be revived. Or will they go for BJP?

It may happen that the ball is thrown in the court of Congress as they demand that they worked for 15 years in Delhi. Even everyone knows that how much they worked. Well, the city is not worked on for last few months. So, they really need a government who work for them. This is all about Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 date for voting and counting.

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