Delhi Elections 2015 Result: AAP won 67 seats, Reasons for winning Aam Aadmi Party

By | Feb 11, 2015

Today, Delhi Elections 2015 Result were declared. Do you know how many seats did AAP, BJP and Congress won? AAP made a clean sweep by winning 67 seats while BJP made only 3 and Congress was clean bowled.

The Delhi voters leading with a total of 67.12% of voting which is the highest among the recent years. They have shown that Arvind Kejriwal has won their hearts and they still trust him with the promises he made.

Some of the audiences still think that he will be removing the corruption from the city at least.

Delhi Elections 2015 Result

We give you some very important issues and factors which led to the winning of AAP over BJP:

  1. Opposition Party’s Candidate:

The Candidate of BJP was supposed and seen to be strong but Kiran Bedi seems not as good as people thought. May be because she has never seen ruled and her ruling effects are not seen. On the other hand, it was Kejriwal who has impressed the people enough in his past political career to give him another chance to stand and rule the National’s Capital.

Yet BJP is supposed to be the opposition party and its weak and late decision has made it all. If we talk about her reputation in front of people, then we must remember that she was the one who said that Politics is a Kichad. But when it came for the candidature, she stood up in the Kichad only. This is not liked by many of the democratic voters.

  1. Late Declaration of Candidate:

The BJP’s late declaration of its candidate for the Assembly elections in the National Capital was quiet late. Yet this was not at all accepted by the voters of the capital. If we talk about the declaration then yes, it was very late for them to declare the candidate and that too the one who was having only popularity and not the experience of politics before her competitor. Also, we can say that may be the government would not have been very much impactful if it would have been BJP in Delhi also; well this is what the people think.

  1. Why not Harshwardhan?

Yes, even we want to ask the BJP party about the unfair play. Harshwardhan was the most deserving candidate as he is in the field of politics from a long time and why the end time decisions have been made like this? Isn’t this called a Partiality?

May be that he would have been in the competitions; the results would have been different. Harshwardhan is the one with nice image and is a good politician with a good track record. Also, in the last time, BJP declared him as the candidate.

Delhi Elections 2015 Result

Delhi Elections 2015 Result

  1. Change from BJP and Congress

Maybe that the voters were sick about the working style and the most ruling parties in their region. So, they wanted to bring something very much different this time and so they took a decision to vote for AAP who has brought a revolution in the politics of the country. So, AAP has already made a win with people affected by his influential time he has spent before.

  1. Positive Effects brought in the early opportunity

As we are talking about the earlier effects, then we have to admit that when Arvind was in the center, Delhi was thrown out of the corruption. People stopped taking extra money by getting afraid of Kejri’s strict government. Though things failed, but he did put efforts to bring up something good in his rule. This is supported by the voters.

  1. Congress Diminishing graph

This time, Congress was not in the competition at all as is failed to open an account in some places. Also, after BJP government in central, Congress is having a diminishing graph started from that very moment. And now, it is clearly seen that Congress party is not at all in the competition itself. Delhi Elections 2015 Result.

  1. Opinion Polls are mostly correct

Most of the opinion polls that are conducted across the country turn out to be correct. After the Assembly elections being near, the polls were started to be taken by different versions of media. Sometimes, it was BJP in the majority and sometimes it was AAP. But when the time of voting was near, it was clearly seen that Delhi voters were influenced by AAP and thus the opinion poll turned out to be correct.

  1. Modi’s Magic at the rest

Maybe this is the effect because of the Modi’s momentum getting slower in the country. Why did they forget that the State polls are different from the Assembly polls? And now we may see the results. AAP slammed BJP which was thought to be unexpected and shocked decision seen by the rest of the country as Delhi people knew who will be winning. How? They voted.

AAP won. All rights to celebrate. Congo Kejriwal, and All the Best.

As of now, this is all about Delhi Elections 2015 Result. Stay connected with us for more latest world news updates.

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