Dirty Politics Movie Review, First Day Collection, Ratings, Public / Critics Response

By | Mar 7, 2015

Dirty Politics Movie Review, First Day Collection, Ratings, Public / Critics Response : Today i.e., on Holi, the biggest and most colorfull festival of India which is celebrated across the globe, Director K C Bokadia had released his controversial movie.

DirtyPolitics is a great combination of most of the experienced bollywood film actors such as Anupam Kher, Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, Jackie Shroff, Ashutosh Rana all in lead role along with glamour queen Mallika Sherawat as the only female actress asa Anokhi Devi.

Naseeruddin Shah, Anupam Kher, Ashutosh Rana, Om Puri and Jackie Shroff are all experienced actors whoa re well known for their onscreen acting and perfection to perform their part in any movie. Their is nothing much in the film which can pull audience towards cinema halls and that too on Holi.

Dirty Politics Movie Review


However, K C Bokadia had written it keeping in mind somewhat current state of Indian Politics that how politicians are captured in scams and their MMS are coming into media. Writer cum director had focused on flashing Mallika as a piece of flesh and neglected her acting skills.

Dirty politics depicts that how politicians make relations with females and use them. Then that lady uses that politician and start her political career and go to a good position.

Mallika Sherawat is famous for her bold image in bollywood, who started her career with a bold film Khwahish in 2003 but caught spotlight when she shared screen and played very bold scenes with Emran Hashmi in Murder (2004). Her original name is Reema Lamba and is a sex symbol in media.


Dirty Politics Movie Review, First Day Collection, Ratings, Public / Critics Response

Dirty Politics Movie Review

Old and experienced Om Puri has played Dirty Old politician and Ms. Mallika Sherawat had gone very filthy and showed her body a lot more than she usuallt does. This film is supposed to be the turning point of the Mallika’s bollywood career as this is the movie in which she is playing lead after a long time.

But she had not focused on her acting and director has also tried to use her body instead of her acting. Spectators who had moved towards cinema halls to entertain themselves with a movie on Holi were seemed to be very disappointed as their is nothing interesting in the movie.

Film revolves around Mallika but audience were not impressed with her acting as her role mostly revolves around her stage performances in which she has to reveal her flesh and twirl her “Ghagra” around the political arena and attract males towards her and make them dance on her fingers.

All other elder actors had performed their part upto the mark. Specially Om Puri and Anupam Kher had come up with flying colors and audience were stuck to their seats whenever they were on screen.

Dirty Politics First Day Collection

Since this film is released on Holi, wolrdwide. Not much audience had left their beloved ones and home to watch Mallika on big screen. But those who had went were not at all happy with the movie.

This film was rated as Adult (A) and hence occupancy was very low and at some multiplexes shows were even cancelled. DP was able to collect only 2.54 INR crores as its 1st day box office collections.

Dirty Politics first day collection – 2.5 cr [early estimates]

Ratings :

The audience who had watched this fil on the very first day of its release were very upset with the work done by the director and the way the story is depicted. Most of the spectators gave only one and a half (1.5) stars out of five. Critics had given only one star and declared it as another flop of 2015 on its first day itself.

The Dirty politics first day collection will be updated to exact figures soon. Don’t forget to check it back again.

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