DU Gave 15 Lakhs To Student To Harness Metro’s Wind Energy in Electricity

By | Apr 6, 2015

DU Gave 15 Lakhs To Student To Harness Metro’s Wind Energy in Electricity: New Delhi [the Bureau]. Speed ​​of the exhaust air of the subway tunnel will be used to create electricity. Moreover, it would be useful to power subway.

The new experiment is being performed by Delhi University (DU) Kalindi college students. In 2012, the , Meghna and other students started working on this project. After 3 years, it became huge topic that successfully drew the government’s attention.

A Dr. Punita Innovation project under the direction of Burma began to consider extremely helpful to the tech world as it progressed and it got CSIR indigenous Science Award also. In the world of fast-depleting energy sources, this could be an important project.

DU Gave 15 Lakhs To Student To Harness Metro's Wind Energy in Electricity

DU Gave 15 Lakhs To Student To Harness Metro’s Wind Energy in Electricity

When it was launched in 2012, the Indo-German scientists have lauded it. Therefore, global, sustainable, safe and non-polluting energy are drawing more and more human attention towards them and new projects are being started to protect the future.

How the idea came?

Dr. Punit Verma told that, when two college students were standing at the metro station, a metro came with its inexorable speed, and their clothes and hairs started flying, they got to know to its wind velocity power. They then gave us the idea and we carried it with them.

If got the successful implementation of this project, not only the decline in the cost of fuel and electricity as well as carbon emissions will decrease significantly, but it will come out as the better option for both DMRC and future. Then we began to look for metro stations with the help of students that where the wind velocity is higher on that particular station.

Chawri Bazar Metro station has the highest air velocity. That is the place where the turbine would be installed on. The whole DMRC project has contributed significantly to the subway project.

DU given Rs 15 lakh

According to one estimate, produced by high speed air metro daily limit of electricity would be 2 kW to 50 kW. The energy subway platforms to some extent in terms of its energy needs can be used to create self-supporting. This energy can be stored in the batteries. DU have given Rs. 15 lakhs for the project, but after its successful use in the collection the return can be several times the price of DU donation.

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