Facebook Launches Messenger.com As The Web Version Of Its Messenger App

By | Apr 9, 2015

Facebook Messenger Now Available for Web Browsers: Here comes an exciting news regarding the largest social networking website. If you are a tech freak or a reader of online social media and technology websites and blogs, then you may remember that Facebook has a domain name – messenger.com.

Now, FB has put up this domain to use. It has built an online web version of the Facebook messenger app. Currently, it’s the latest and only messaging tool for the web.

This social networking website has recently released a Web version of Messenger on Wednesday. It has enabled users to chat with their friends in a browser tab. It’s the same while chatting with the mobile app. The only difference is that it will be available on a desktop computer.

This platform is made available by the Facebook at Messenger.com, outside of Facebook.com. While login, it will ask for the permission to connect the already created account.

facebook messenger.com web verions

Facebook – Messenger.com – web version

Now, you may think that why it has put so much effort on building a complete new website dedicated for only chatting when this option is already available on Facebook.com?

Messenger.com is created for users who want to completely focus on chatting without getting distracted by other things like news feeds, etc. While using Facebook.com, lots of distractions came into our way like profile, like, comments updates and lots more.

The new site is a way to keep yourself dedicated to chatting only. A spokesperson confirmed  to SHAupdates. He also added that, they are not going to remove messaging system from its web service.

However, the company has already done the same for the mobile platform. Then, they removed, and forced users to download the messenger app to their mobile devices in order to send or receive messages.

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