I expressed my ostensible love to Varun few years ago: Shraddha Kapoor

By | May 11, 2015

The self profoundly called villain’s daughter might be linked to Aditya Roy Kapur relationship wise, but what about her first crush. Yesterday Shraddha Kapoor presented a clandestine and obscure fact which she kept even after completing a movie with him. She unfolded the secret that she had a crush on Varun Dhawan several years ago.

Varun and Shraddha have completed their latest project and first collaboration as well – ABCD 2. She remembered the moment once when they were shooting a schedule in US . She said, at a promotional event of ABCD We were shooting for a romantic song in a beautiful mountainous location, and suddenly, I burst out laughing when I remembered what had happened when I had professed my love to Varun years ago, says Shraddha.

ABCD 2 Poster Leaked

ABCD 2 Poster

Shraddha Kapoor, 26 years old actress, disclosed her first approach to Varun Dhawan when she once met him while her father (Shakti Kapoor) and his father (David Dhawan) were filming a movie.

They had been meeting each other often times at shoots.

Shraddha talked the moment when she was just 8 years old and willed to express her feelings towards Varun, and tell how she feels for him. She said, ”

I was only eight, and I had a crush on Varun. So, I thought I should just tell him. I decided to say ‘I love you’ backwards. So, I told Varun that I am saying a sentence backwards, and he must listen carefully. Then I said ‘You – love – I’. I think it was too complicated for a little boy to understand because he gave me a stern ‘No’, and just ran away from there. It’s been a joke between us ever since, says Shraddha.

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