Flipkart set to launch next Big Billion day Sale

By | Feb 4, 2015

Flipkart ready for next Big Billion day Sale : One of the biggest E-retail website- Flipkart will be setting up to launch the next Billion days Sale. What is this BillionDay sale? This is nothing but a trial of the website to launch the biggest sale that is ever made and bring the billion number of people down to shop  online in a better and lower price.

The other day, the billions day was celebrated was on 6th October 2014. It is the day when the maximum discount on all the things that were available with them. Last time, the huge online traffic actually did made the server go down. This was actually a big issue to talk about at that time. It annoyed and irritated the customers who wanted to use the sale day to their profits.

When the head of the company was asked about this server failure, he said that he did not expect this huge number of customers and hence was not prepared for this high amount of data traffic. But since people were given this opportunity to speak, it is expected from the website that this time they will be actually prepared for it in all the possible number of ways and will impress its customers without failure.

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale

According to News 24 Online(http://news24online.com/flipkart-set-to-launch-bigger-better-billion-day-sale/):

flipkart big billion day sale

The website is a huge one that contains more than ten thousand products including lifestyle thing to kitchen ware and each and every small commodity that may be used by a human in some or the other way. It includes things like watch to laptops and stationary to clothes.

A wide range of things in color, in types, in sizes are available on the websites with a huge discount price on them. So, Indian people who go crazy and get out of their houses for shopping on some or the other occasions or festivals like Dhanteras and Akshay Tritya gets a huge sigh of relief as they don’t have to walk a mile carrying the bags in their hand for the thing they want.

flipkart big billion day sale

flipkart big billion day sale

They can just order it and thus get the needed commodity at their doorstep. It is good to see the ease of getting something at home itself that too with discounts. Women are especially a big source of why these kinds of sales get a huge one and earn a big profit. Yes, flipkart is now ready with its another day massive sale that will be handling the server and the internet  traffic well this time.

According to Indian Express (http://indianexpress.com/article/business/companies/on-big-billion-day-flipkart-promises-greatest-sale-ever/)

Wondering what is special about 6-10-2014?
610 – the number of the flat from where Sachin and Binny Bansal, Flipkart promoters, began their journey in 2007.

So, we expect flipkart to be good enough this time that it will not disappoint and leave their customers in between. We want it to be a Billions sale for the website owner, the employees and ofcorse the customers to be happy and profitable.

As the CEO of the company have admitted the faults and promised to work on them, let us see that if they are able to keep it up this time of fail and work on it again. It will exciting to see how customers just attack on the website to have the fun shopping.

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