FTII: Increasing Celebs In Support For Gajendra’s Removal As Chairman Adds More Heat

By | Jul 12, 2015

The FTII controversy has entered into its second month. With this, the list of celebrities opposing the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as the chairman of the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) has increased. Instead of setting down, the issue is getting worse. People are arguing citing their own reasons that he should step down. But Gajendra is not yet ready to do so.

The opposition in support of Chauhan’s removal is getting bigger with the course of time. The filmmakers Kundan Shan, Aziz Mirza, and actors like Rajkummar Rao, Amol Palekar, Sudhir Mishra are the newest names in the list.

FTII alumni Shah, who made the classic ‘Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro’ has declared this decision of the government as an “absurd” one.

“Isn’t the whole issue shameful? It’s a shameful decision by the ministry. Who knows this man (Chauhan)? Have you seen his body of work? By appointing such a person, what is the government trying to do? He’s completely unwilling to step down despite so much of the chaos. It’s very sad. What a country we are living in?” Shah told PTI.

Supporting Shah, Mirza says, “Chauhan should step down as he is not wanted.

“Chauhan is putting up a flop show by not resigning. He should step down soon. Even students are being persistent. By doing all the protests they are just being foolhardy.”

Rajkummar Rao, the national award winner actor, has also come up into the light to support the students from the back. He said that the institution should be in ‘safe hand’ so that the students look up to the ‘head’ and trust him.

“#FTII needs to be in safe hands. Students need somebody who they can trust and look up to. It’s their future which is at stake here,” the “City Lights” actor posted on Twitter.

The students of FTII are on an indefinite strike since June 12. They have completely refused to maintain the normal scheduled until and unless their demand of removing Gajendra Chauhan from the post of Chairman is fulfilled. They alleged him of not having ‘stature and vision’ to head FTII. The protest completed its 30th day today.

Gajendra Chauhan, the new Chairman of FTII

Gajendra Chauhan, the new Chairman of FTII

On the other hand, Gajendra Chauhan is completely unfazed by the opposition from the celebrities and protests by the students. He is adamant to continue his post claiming that the council appointed him on the basis of 34 years that he has invested in showbiz.

Except for his best role in the Mahabharata, all his other filmography is not that impressive. It includes various B-grade type movies like Jungle Love, Khuli Khidki, and Vasna.

On one hand, Chauhan is not ready to resign while on the other hand, cinematographer Santhosh Sivan, actress Pallavi Joshi, and national award winner filmmaker Jahnu Barua have resigned from the FTII society to support students.

Various other film celebrities have voiced their resentment. The list includes Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Anupam Kher, Rishi Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Resul Pookutty, Kiran Rao, Sayeed Mirza and Piyush Mishra.

On a very different and surprising note, the national award winner Shyam Benegal thinks that Chauhan should sit and discuss things with the students at the first place and then, he should decide whether he wants to resign or not.

“According to me, students should meet the chairman designate. The time has arrived to set up a meeting and put forward all the apprehensions and grievances. They (students) don’t know him. He has been nominated as per as the rules. If he does not come as an eligible person, then they should continue their strike. But at the moment he should not resign,” he says.

Many important personalities and veteran actors and filmmakers are in support for the resignation of Chauhan as the Chairman of FTII citing various reasons like “his body of work doesn’t inspire students”, “students are not able to look up to him”, “film fraternity doesn’t want him to remain in that position”, “students should get what they want”, “FTII needs someone who is more qualified”, etc.

As of now, this issue is getting heated up at a great extent. It will be interesting to see what happens next. So, stay connected to www.shaupdates.com for the latest news and updates.

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