‘Gabbar Is Back’, A Nonsensical Film: Arvind Kejriwal

By | May 4, 2015

[callout] While the fans are busy watching the new action-drama ‘Gabbar Is Back’ featuring Akshay Kumar. A political leader from a leading political party in India says it is nonsensical. None other than the AAP’s leader – Arvind Kejriwal says this. [/callout]

‘Gabbar Is Back’ satire is based around a common man who wants to make the nation corruption free. He teaches lessons to those who participate or become a part of such kind of deceptive exercises. The fans are loving and thrilled by the performance and topic. Arvind Kejriwal seemed to be unhappy with the creation and classified it a nonsensical. He termed it meaningless because he finds that such a scenario unlikely to happen, and it’s very impractical.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Launches E-Ration Service in Delhi

[quote by=”A Media Reporter”] Do you think it is possible for a person to fight corruption the way it is shown in the movie?” questioned Kejriwal. [/quote]

[quote by=”Arvind Kejriwal”] I think whoever promises to tackle corruption like that is doing so to garner public attention and nothing more. You can’t achieve anything by raising your voice against corruption and if you really want to achieve something go sit on a dharna. [/quote]

Congress and BJP pummeled Kejriwal intentions and his remarks on the movie.

[quote by=”A Congress Leader”] Didn’t Kejriwal start his political career as a crusader who advocated a corruption free society? When he can do it, then why is he criticizing Akshay Kumar for doing the same in a movie? I think it’s because the Aam Aadmi Party has moved from fighting corruption to staging dharnas and mindless protests. [/quote]

[quote by=”Senior BJP Member”] It will be much better if Arvind Kejriwal pays more attention to fulfilling the unrealistic promises he made during the election rather than worrying about the superficial way in which Akshay Kumar is fighting corruption in the movie. A movie is fictitious, so what is shown in it doesn’t really matter and Kejriwal needs to realize this. He should stop diverting media and public attention from important topics by whining over useless issues. [/quote]

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