‘Gabbar Is Back’ Movie Review: A Proper Akshay Kumar Movie & A Must Watch

By | May 1, 2015

Gabbar Is Back Movie Review

Gabbar Is Back trailer

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Shruti Hassan and Sunil Grover

Director: Krish



Akshay Kumar is one among the actors who always try to come up with an out of the box idea and perform those characters with full dedication and confidence. Never get scared of different genres, looks and scripts. Always committed and risk-takers to explore new boundaries in himself. Every director is ready to work with Akshay as because they are not afraid to fail at the Box Office, the reason being that hardly any of Akshay’s films have failed to run at the Box Office except one or two. He has done a handful of movies based on corruption, in which everyone was successful, especially Holiday.

‘Gabbar is Back’ is directed by Krish, who is known for his South-Indian (Tamil, Telugu) movies. It is his debut movie in Bollywood. This movie is a remake of 13 years old film “Ramana” (Evil). But the only difference is that this is shot with North-Indian style and flavors that people would love and just love.


The film’s story revolves around corruption and corrupted people, in which a team is formed by Akshay to stop corruption and save common man from becoming a victim of corruption. Akshay is playing the Gabbar’s role and he has already said (before the launch of the movie) that he will be a hero not a villain. He fights corruption for people who don’t have enough resources and links in government to make their way out. His team also helps to counter bad people from politics with the right mindset and without selfishness.

‘Gabbar Is Back’ is a typical North-Indian movie, which contains loud drama, heavy dialogues, amazing background score and horrifying action sequences. Much has been changed from what industry was 13 years ago and what it is now. The same happened to audience which now considerably prefers a mixture of all the ingredients in a movie. This one fulfills those requirements.

Fighting corruption and officials, ‘Gabbar Is Back’ does not actually has any real story. Akshay Kumar in the lead role of fighting corruption which led a group of students and to expose corrupt officials and policemen.

This film is the story of a common man played by Akshay Kumar. The tremendous corruption in society makes a common man stand out and fight for his rights. The Gabbar does not believe in forgiveness and second change for ingestion and injustice, and the ones who do it.


Akshay has played a promising and definite role just like he did in Baby and Holiday. We have to admit it that this movie isn’t a new creation, it does not have new storyline or screenplay. Those same characters who fought corruption, are doing the same thing again. Kareena Kapoor also plays a cameo role and appears in a song too. The lead actress Shruti’s role is not written well, hence, the lack of skills come ahead when you are watching it.

It is what you would love watching if you are a Akshay Kumar fan. If you are not one of those lucky ones, it probably won’t entertain you. Some critics have also called it rubbish and repeated. However, the Akshay’s presence on the big screen will entertain you endlessly and his dialogues will kill you.

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