Gabbar Is Back Official Trailer Released – Akshay Wants A Corruption Free Nation

By | Mar 24, 2015

Gabbar Is Back Trailer – Akshay Kumar: He is finally back in action to entertain and thrill us with more fighting, comedy and romantic scenes. Yes, Gabbar is back to rule the nation, but this time he is coming for goodwill of nation. Where do we get these information? The trailer of Gabbar Is Back has been finally unveiled by the officials on YouTube. I have shared the HD trailer below the second paragraph. Let’s watch it together.

Basically, Akshay has given a character of a special police officer, and provided all the rights to investigate any matter by both CBI and as an office too. He fights for corruption, he tries to save the nation to being corrupted by bad politicians. Without further ado, watch the Gabbar Is Back official Trailer below.

Gabbar Is Back Trailer

I think you are now familiar with the name Gabbar, who is Gabbar? As per described in the Gabbar Is Back trailer itself, He is not a governmental, illegal, not even a leader or terrorist. Hero in work, villain from name. This is Gabbar! Pretty sweet introduction of Akshay in Gabbar Is Back official trailer.

The movie features Akshay & Shruti in lead roles, and the villain character is played by an ace actor in the Tollywood cinema. Shruti has not given much space in Gabbar Is Back official trailer, but she is playing the love or say weakness of Akshay in movie.

He tweeted while releasing the trailer of Gabbar Is Back.

Gabbar is Back Trailer – Akshay Kumar & Shruti Haasan

Gabbar Is Back trailer

The story line is something like this – Akshay, being a nation lover, wants to get every corrupted leader or politicians out of the government sector, so that the general people would enjoy the meaningful life. While doing social work, he met a lady Shruti and he fall in love with her.

Everyone department of government lose their mind when they hear about the Gabbar. Nobody knows who is Gabbar. You might have heard – Everything is fair in love and war. So the Chief Minister takes a decision to kidnap Shruti and play with Akshay or Gabbar. The end is what we see in every typical Bollywood movie, the actor fights with hoodlums and get some scratches over his body and in the end confronts the main villain and takes his lady love out safely.

The recipe is not new, but the screenplay, cinematography, action sequences, comedy and romance ingredients would be something that worth a watch. And I can bet that this will surely have something new to offer us in this genre.

The nation is waiting he a guy ends corruption when big brands Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal and even PM Modi could not do it.

Shruti Haasan, who looks pretty, is seen bringing in some romance. The two look amazing in the bit that they have shared in the Gabbar Is Back trailer.


The trailer definitely feels intriguing and promising. Akshay has enormous expectations over his shoulders. For no doubt, it worth one or two watch. Then entire production seems very desperate to release the actual movie on May 5th, 2015. It going to be holidays then, so a good amount of chance to do a great business too.

That’s our views on Gabbar Is Back official Trailer, I would love to hear more from your side. How it affects your mind? What do you feel about it? Leave your comments down below.

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