Google-Twitter Partnership: Everything You Should Be Aware Of

By | Mar 22, 2015

Google Twitter Partnership: Highlights / All Things to Know: Bloomberg is a premier source for the global business and financial information. On 4th February 2015, Bloomberg leaked a information that Twitter and Google are going to sign a deal regarding displaying of tweets in the search results of Google but t was not confirmed yet.

On Wednesday, CEO Dick Costolo confirmed it that this news is right and Google had agreed to integrate the tweets in Google search pages in real-time results. This deal will be a great pact for both the companies as both will get benefit from this deal.

Google will now be having an all new feature – Real Time Content and Twitter will be receiving a massive traffic and hence increase in the number of tweets and users.

Google Twitter Partnership

With the deal, the people who are working on Twitter and on SEO will be facing a great impact over their work. Currently the content available in Google’s Search Pages are updated on the basis of the SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) done by the website on which the related content is available.

So with the impact of this deal, the search pages will be including the tweets in real time, i.e., the Google will now be crawling Tweets frequently to get the latest updates and some breaking news.

According to the deal, Google will receive data from Twitter in real time with the help of a data feed which will decrease the work of Google of crawling the content of Twitter whenever a search is made. Instead it will automatically get tens, hundreds or several more times the access to the tweets stream in contrast to very less effort made.

Google Twitter Partnership / Deal: Major Points / Highlights


So, now onwards the search results displayed by Google will be working on the basis of all new system. Here are some major points and outcomes of the deal made in between these two major companies :

Importance of Real Time Marketing of the Business

The companies who were focusing on either Google or Twitter to reach out for more customers will now onwards have to focus on both Twitter and Google for maintaining and increasing their popularity and expanding their business online. Google will be showing tweets related to the searched content and increase the traffic on twitter and hence on the website of the company.

So, the companies need to focus on both. Google will not show the content written by the company on the twitter profile of the company, instead Google will be showing the content written by others on the profile. So, Companies need to work on their Twitter accounts and increase their followers as well as tweets on their page as Google will be displaying the results on Real Time basis.

Google Twitter Partnership

Google Twitter Partnership

Search and Social Profile complexity

The companies or persons who want them at top of the search results will need active participation in social interaction on Twitter to increase their Business popularity. So, the pact is going to increase the business and social complexity by relating both with each other.

Tweets as Advertisements

Till now, some people and some companies were paying Google Ad Sense for posting their ads on other web pages but now onwards the tweets on the account of the company or that person will be used more as an advertising source.

So, the companies need to focus on their twitter accounts and provide more and more information on their account so that they may top on the search results with the help of the tweets made by them as well as others on their account and proving more info in their tweets.

Search Result Impact

Whenever there is a new content in the search results, that impacts the traffic on the website a lot. So, the companies will need to monitor their twitter account and need to organize and check the content frequently and update the content on their twitter as soon as possible along with the change made on their website and business.

Till now, Twitter was used just as a mobile application and a social networking website. But with the help of the deal made by Twitter with Google, the importance and space of the Twitter will increase a lot as everyone will need to be active on twitter to be in the top search results of the Google Reach Result Pages.

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