Happy 41st Birthday Hrithik Roshan

By | Jan 10, 2015

It is 41st birthday for the action superhero and Greek God- Hritik Roshan. It is him who was from the filmy family but still has his own identity as his work could not be ignored and is loved by his fans because of his work only.

The milestones that he have put in the life and in his work are- ‘Kaho na pyaar hai’, ‘Krrish’, ‘Zindagi na milegi dobara’ and ‘Dhoom 2’. He has his own standards and his way of working is being superb. ‘Man on mission- to live the best life possible come what may’ is written on his twitter account.

Happy 41st Birthday Hrithik Roshan

Happy 41st Birthday Hrithik Roshan

Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan


Hritik was born on 1oth January in 1974 to Rakesh Roshan in Mumbai. He has been acting since he was a child. His father always encouraged him to work and work out the best. He had been working on small roles since  child. He had worked with great starts and all this is because of his grandfather who used to produce movies. After his successful work which was liked as a child actor, he was adored by the people.

In the early month of the year 2000, Rakesh thought that Hritik should enter the Bollywood because he had the caliber and experience. So, he made his debut with another actress Amisha Patel in the movie ‘Kaho na Pyar hai’ . It was a bollywood blockbuster and highest earning in the year 2000.

His ventures after that were quiet different and they were the movies like ‘Fiza’ and ‘Mission Kashmir’. Since then he had been getting the nominations for the Best Actor Awards. Then came KJo’s ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam’, and this movie was also a blockbuster. The projects like ‘Aap mujhe acche lgne lage’ and ‘Na tum jano na hum’ were failures and enough to learn lessons from that.

Other movies like ‘Mujhse dosti karoge’ and ‘Main prem ki deewani hun’ were also a flop regardless of the cast and banners the movie was into. After this, he took a break from the movies. The movie released after his taking break was ‘Koi..mil gya’ which was a successful alien story. Instead of movie like ‘Lakshya’, it was not appreciated at the box office.

In the year 2006, Hritik made it in ‘Krrish’ and became popular as a superhero among the small children. Krrish did a spectacular job on the box office. After which, Hritik did Dhoom 2 which was again a HIT. He also did historical movies like Jodhaa Akbar which was quiet good when it came to the collections.

Then his multinational project – Kites and Zindagi na Milegi dobara with Krrish 2 and Agneepath were damn good and appreciated by the Indian audiences. It made him one of the highest paid actors in Bollywood. It was last year, 2014 when the two of his movies, both Krrish 3 and Bang Bang banged the box office and went in the ‘100 Crore’ movie club.

Sussane, his ex wife entered his life when they were 12. She became his girlfriend 4 years prior to their marriage. They got married after they fell in love in the year 2000. The couple have two sons. But in the year 2013, the couple announced their divorce and separation was finalized in the year 2014. Hritik and Sussane had been in a 17 year long relationship and there divorce was not reasoned by anything.

Sources said that it was Arjun Rampal who just broke their marriage. This rumor was clarified when Sussane came on the press conference with Arjun’s wife and said that their reasons were personal and nobody can be blamed for that. Another reason and rumor given by the souces were that after the movie Kites, the attention and affair with Barbara Mori became the reason for the clash between them.

Whatever may be the reason, both of them are parents and they do come together when it comes to their children. Hritik has been through all the phases of his life and this is what has made the man strong enough to become a legend.

Happy Birthday Hritik Roshan. And all the best for the future.

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