Hit and Run Case: Salman Khan was drunk – Confirmed!

By | Apr 9, 2015

Salman Khan – Hit and Run Case: It has been confirmed that the actor Salman Khan was drunken when the accident happened in back 2002. The prosecution department said that Salman had drunk alcohol while riding in his SUV Land Cruiser .

The prosecution department also clarified that the vehicle was not having any fault, it was working fine and the front tires were also in good standing.

The special public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat stated that the actor was drunk that night. He investigated the blood samples of Salman, he found at the place of the accident, and found that out of 100 milligrams blood, it contained 62 milligrams of ethyl alcohol (commonly used alcohol for whiskey, rum etc.)

Salman Khan Hit and Run Case - Latest News, Updates & Developments

Salman Khan Hit and Run Case – Latest News, Updates & Developments

Pradeep also mentioned that each step to collect the sample from police station to take it to the laboratory were followed correctly. The chemical analyst said generally the people who drink alcohol, in each 100 milliliter of blood, about 30 ml of alcohol is found. In addition, if the person is taking pills or medicines of anything, he/she would average about 40 ml of alcohol.

While ruling out technical hitch prosecutor said that the punctured tire would not be immediately affected by the operation of such vehicles because radial tires are used in such high-end cars. Sessions Judge DW Deshpande is hearing the final arguments of this hit & run case.

Meanwhile, Gariradtn prosecution to justify the serious charge of murder yesterday, Alistair Pereira 2006 will refer the case. Mumbai’s young Pereira owes his car was drunk, and seven people were killed. The case of drunk driving and hit-and-run cases historic events.

This case has been a sight to controversy for Salman Khan along with another incident when he was seen killing two black-deer in a forest while shooting his movie. The local resident’s complaint this in high court. Since then, Salman has not been living a free life from court-home-work. These 3 things have become his life schedule.

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