WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature Available on Android & iPhone

By | Mar 18, 2015

Whatsapp is the world’s leading mobile application for chatting. It is hot favourate of its users as it provides 0ne to one chat as well as group chat feature.

Whatsapp had added some more features and made it more popular among smartphone users such as photo, video, audio sharing. Recently a competitor of Whatsapp, Hike had given a damn new feature of voice calling to its users which was an upper hand over Whatsapp.

Update: The voice calling feature has been made available by WhatsApp on both platforms, i.e., Android and iOS without any invites or such thing. Just need to update the application to the latest version.

WhatsApp Voice Calling

Now, Whatsapp is also available with voice calling facility. This feature uses VOIP (Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol)) to enable its users to call their friends and that too free of cost or call tariff.

Whatsapp is an application which is available for users of smartphones (Windows mobile phones, Android mobile phones and iPhone) as well as the users of mobile phones with the belly operating system, Symbian operating system.

How to Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature on iPhone?

How to Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature on Android & iPhone?

The company had made calling button to the iOS application link on the official App Store but did not activate it yet, however, it is made available to some of its users on the Beta basis under the Beta Testing Program.

Since the official version of the voice call feature is not out yet, the user has to install unofficial version. The steps to install beta version of Whatsapp is very easy and can be done easily with the following steps:

  1. Launch Cydia on device and install AppSync Unified Beta from the developer’s repository. (If the repository is not added then the user has to add a custom report from “www.cydia.angelxwind.net”).
  2. After downloading and installing AppSync Unified Beta, user has to reboot the device.
  3. Open Mobile Safari and open “https://dev2.whatsapp.net/ios/WhatsApp/”.
  4. Install the Beta version of Whatsapp with voice call features from the top of the web page.
  5. After finishing the installation, the user can launch the app from the home screen or application list.

After installing the Beta Version of Whatsapp with calling features, the user needs to ask his or her friend with this feature already activated to give them a call. After receiving a call, the feature will be activated on the user’s phone also.

Steps to Enable WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature on Android

How to Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature on Android & iPhone?

The users using smart phones running on Android Operating System can also activate this feature, simply as this feature is available for its android users officially without jailbreak or routing their devices. Steps to follow to enable VOIP or cooling feature on Android devices:

  1. Install the latest version of the Whatsapp application from google playstore (version 2.11.561).
  2. Launch the application from application list or home screen.
  3. Ask one of your friends who has this feature enabled to call you.
  4. The call feature is now enabled on your device.
  5. After receiving the call, close the app and then restart it. Now, you will be able to see a new screen with three columns labelled CALLS, CHATS and CONTACTS.

Now the users are able to call each other easily, but they will not be able to call those users or friends who are not using the latest version of the Whatsapp and are still using older versions of Whatsapp Application.

However, there is no such provision of calling features available for the users mobile phones running on Windows Operating System, Symbian Operating System or Belly Operating System. Hope the developing team of Whatsapp will make it available for the devices running these Operating Systems.

Hope this information will help you. You will get to know how to activate WhatsApp voice calling feature on Android and iPhone. enjoy free calling using internet.

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