Passport to be Issued in just 10 Days using Aadhar Card

By | Mar 3, 2015

How to get Passport in just 10 days using Aadhar card? : Just before this procedure, a person needed to get into a lot of fuss to get a passport which is a license to migrate out of the country.

Previously, a person could apply for a passport in two different ways. One was for Tatkal which was there for the people who want their passports within 15 days or so. Another way to get a passport was the Normal Quota which said that the person will get the passport in two months or so.

Also, before it was a couple of things that the person has to go through even before the online system that was provided by the government. With some ease and relaxation by providing the online system to the customers, the government had already got a lot of blessings.

But, this new modification done again by providing the passport in the ten days itself had actually made people a lot happier than they were before. Also, in the previous thing, the person who wants the passport in Tatkal that is much more sooner than the normal time, will have to pay double the amount of what the normal passport appliers used to pay.

The cost of the passport making was Rs. 2000 for Normal appliers and Rs. 4000 for the Tatkal appliers. So in this case when the time is less, one had to lose his or her pocket to just get it soon.

How to get Passport in just 10 days using Aadhar card?

How to get Passport in just 10 days using Aadhar card?

So, now with this modification, government said that if a person have his Aadhar card with him, he will be having the proof of his birth and citizenship at the time of the registration for the Aadhar card and also, these documents must have been checked by the officials at the time when the necessary things that are the fingerprints and eye matching was done.

So, the basic logic is- the Aadhar card is the basic of all the documents that are actually necessary under the identification of a citizen to any country. And if a person is having Aadhar then it means that he is a known person and a verified citizen of India. So, henceforth, the government decided that the person having the Aadhar card will get the passport in the short span if one applies for it through the online process as decided by the Ministry of External affairs.

This will also include the validation in the case of the Criminal applicants and their database validation. A few days back there was an issue that raised questions on the verification by the Police. SO, maybe this is to reduce it with the set time limit.

It is expected that after applying onine and submitting the Aadhar Card detail one will get a passport appointment with in the three days and after which the passport will be dispatched and will be at your address in a week. Talking about this process, we will give you the steps below to follow up and find the passport apply steps:

How to get Passport in just 10 days using Aadhar card?

1. Go to the link –

Get yourself registered to the Passport Seva Portal. There are two options- New User and This will include a series of information filling that includes the Passport Kendra which will be the address of your nearest location to come for the appointment, DOB which is the date of birth. Be careful while filling these things and also the registered email id. Now go to this id and register yourself for that too. They will provide you a link to register and thus when you click here, you will get the Home page of your Passport account id.

2. Now, after entering your id, just click on one of the links whichever you want

‘Apply for Passport’ and ‘Re-issue passport’

Now fill up the form that requires your details. Make it a real slow as there is no row for mistakes. After filling the details just recheck everything and then move further. Now, here comes the family details section. If tired or frustrated, save it and log out and log in again when you want. Save your address and provide the contact numbers that will be present always at any time.

3.Now, when done with filling comes the payment section which says that once the payment is done after choosing the appropriate mode of paying, the appointment will be scheduled with the time and the batch number will be allotted on the same time.

4. Now, take the print out of the receipt and the application form too. Please don’t forget to take the original documents on the day of meet with the two copies of each and every document with the affidavit that will include the gazette officer’s verification on them.

5. Your passport will be at home within next ten days.

The steps to get Passport in just 10 days using Aadhar card are listed above. Hope you got the required information. Stay connected with us for more.

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