Hrithik Roshan declared his Second Marriage Date?

By | Jan 1, 2015

The news of Hrithik and Suzanne has been a big buzz in B town. Hrithik Roshan’s second marriage date has been announced.

The discussion of Hrithik Roshan around these days is primarily due to separation from his wife. But the same divorce has raised that the “how would he spend his life for the rest of his life as he is only 39 years old?”.

The name of Hrithik Roshan has been associated with actresses like Kareena Kapoor and Barbara Mori from time to time. But, as of now he is completely single.

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Although Hrithik and Suzanne are living separately but they have not formally divorced. Meanwhile , Suzanne’s father Sanjay Khan have said that they want Hrithik andSuzanne again to come under one roof.

But now it would be interesting to see what life takes a turn. Hrithik Roshan is currently busy shooting in Mumbai and some ads. Being told that she would like to celebrate New Year at home with their children.

According to sources, if Hrithik and Suzanne were not planning any different with the kids on New Year’s wish may just Hrithik Roshan. Nowadays he is home alone because their parents Pinky and Rakesh Roshan have gone for a holiday in London.

New Year’s knock Daruwala between the media and spoke on the life of film stars. According to Celebrity Predictor, Priyanka Chopra is going through best business days. So it is impossible that Priyanka is going to come into his life? It was long ago, and the last time her name was linked to Shahid Kapoor.

In 2014 Daruwala says film fans should look particularly at three stars, which will be constantly entertained. According to Bejan, Ranbir Kapoor will be next year. Next, they also believe that in the next five years and every promotion Ranbir will constantly be touching new heights.

Deepika Padukone will be the heroine, the Lucky. Bejan says that this girl has potential. Deepika also noted that 2013 has proved to be very smart and she had five hits at once.

According to Bejan new star among the stars is an evergreen, which is showing no effect of age. Bejan said, Salman is once again and will continue their reign over the hearts of the audiences.

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  1. Deepsfan

    Hrithik and Deepika would rock together. Ranveer Singh is great, good to know he loves and takes good care of Deepika.. but Hrithik would be great for her. Just some idle match making.


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