Twitterati Attacks Hrithik Roshan, When He Tweets Wrongly on Manipur Attack

By | Jun 5, 2015

Has Rhithik Roshan become tired of gym? You may laugh at the notion but the actor, best known for his physique, has added another silly mistake to his twitter account which cannot be denied by the fellows and B-Town. Few days ago, the actor posted the photo of a dress which grabbed everyone’s attention two or three months ago! Which world does he belong to? He was questioned in such ways!

That mistake can be counted as a funny one, but the recent tweet is being seen as a serious issue. The actor has generated much hatred through this mistaken post on micro-blogging site Twitter. Last Day, an attack was planned by Manipur terrorists to attack the North Eastern Country. It is usual that B-Town stars shows condolence to the victims’ families.

Hrithik Roshan in Hollywood Movie

Hrithik Roshan in Hollywood Movie

On Thursday morning, 20 soldiers were killed and 11 got seriously injured during the firing by insurgents in Manipur’s Chandel district. Representing his sadness towards the incident, the actor tweeted:-

Though now, you might have caught the wrong word here; the actor targeted not the terrorists (or insurgents) who were responsible for the brutal attack, but the entire Manipur’s tribe.

Later, the actor realized the mistake and apologized for wrongly mentioning the whole state. The next tweet reads:-

By the time, Hrithik tweeted the correction to his earlier statement. The twitterati came into action by trolling and joking on the sense of Hrithik. He received an abundance of tweets like the followings:-

The fierce fans could not manage the anger, stepping ahead the line, they treated him mercilessly. Hrithik needs to relax for a little time.

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