Masaan Impresses International Audience, While Everyone is mad at Ash, Kat & Soman Gowns

By | May 20, 2015

While the mainstream watches Aishwarya, Sonam and Katrina at the Cannes International Film Festival 2015, nobody is aware that Indian films are being screened at the festival. One such film is ‘Masaan’, premiered yesterday night at the grand event. It has received an enormous positive response from the jury. The audience kept the loud voice of claps till it became hum after 5 minutes.

Yes, after competing from many movies, two Indian films have got placed in Un Certain Award category at the Cannes 2015. Can you tell the name of those two movies? If yes – great. If no, they are ‘Masaan’ and ‘Chauthi Koot’. Why no one knows about them?

Richa Chaddha Masaan

Massan Lead Actors with its director

Indian media played a vital role, ever since the event has begun, the major publications are talking about Ash, Sonam and Katrina; publishing their pictures, commenting on their fashion sense and clothes. In this meantime, the media forgot India has much more to contribute as a film industry, rather promoting an international brand as brand ambassadors. Do you know what Sonam Kapoor responded when asked, if she had watched a film yet or not?

A ‘The Telegraph’ reported asked Ms. Sonam Kapoor, which movie she has watched yet at the festival yet,”I did not not watch the film. I could not sit in the gown, so I came back, but I want to watch… I heard there is a wonderful documentary by an Indian-descent (or director)….”

What an ambiguous answer it is, she did not even know the name of the film (for which she is at the event) or even of the director. That wonderful movie is a ‘Amy Winehouse’ biography directed by Asif Kapadia (is that sound complex to remember).

Some Of The Previously Released Movies at Cannes Which Couldn’t Get Enough Expected Response In India, As It Was at their screening at Cannes

For instance, ‘Titli’ – directed by Kanu Behl – was one of the films which was lauded at Cannes 2014 for its credibility, plot, screenplay etc. Despite being from a production house of Yash Raj Films and Dibakar Banerjee, it has not been released in Indian yet even after 1 year.

Another movie comes into consideration, Ashim Ahluwali’s ‘Miss Lovely’ bags heartiest welcomes at Cannes 2012. Therefore what happened, a cold welcome in India. You might have heard the movie’s name for the first time here. Though, it released with a hope to do an exceptional business, but it only grabbed cold eyeballs.

Some of the proud moments of ‘Masaan’ at Cannes 2015 are as follows:-

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