Jai Ho Democracy Review: Brainwash and A Disappointment

By | Apr 25, 2015

Mumbai: Ranjit Kapoor’s movie ‘Jai Ho Democracy‘ has been released on Friday, 24th April. The poster itself portrays the movie’s half of the story that it is based on the functioning of politics and news channels. It shows sarcasm. This film does not impress, rather disappoints in all aspects.

Jai Ho Democracy Movie Review


The film story revolves around two soldiers of India and Pakistan who keep ridiculing each other with silly jokes and humors. Some dialog will even entertain, but most of them will bore the audience. The director had probably thought to create a ‘Rai Ka Pahad’ – mountain of talks over a single issue. This production completely fails.

It is basically about a chicken who crosses Pak border from India. A chef from Indian military chicken goes to park to catch the chicken, and somehow get the media news. Then the Indian government forms a committee, which tries to save the chicken as well as the chef. This entire game breaks out of two countries’ democracy. It is a senseless story which goes nowhere.

jai ho democracy



Anu Kapoor is appearing as a typecast from his past few movies. He has definitely kept himself stagnate. Actually, the pity is that the potential of artists is not used correctly, which eventually gives viewers nothing but a bore. The entire cast has used the same usual and tiring dialogues from which people are bored hearing them again and again. Some moments come in the movie where the viewer feels like he might me watching a stage show.


The director has tried to communicate with the audience through comic satire between two countries, this definitely deserves an applause. Even the film contains the best and high-end actors of the industry, and a good movie always has a good story, but Jai Ho Democracy’ does not have this element. B-Town has produced and directed many films based on Indo-Pak relations, many of them failed and many succeeded. And another movie ‘Welcome 2 Karachi’ is also coming soon ft. Jackie Bhagnani & Arshad Warsi.


Have you watched the film? What is your Jai Ho Democracy movie review? Stay tuned for more Bollywood updates.

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