Jamai Raja 22 January 2015 Full Episode 125: As It Happened

By | Jan 23, 2015

The TV show ‘Jamai Raja’ which is telecast in the week days from Monday to Friday on Zee TV at 8pm is on a big twist now. The show has two important characters Siddharth and Roshni. The show was started to show the roleĀ  the son in law in a family.

It was seen in the show that the girl’s mother is not close to her and is very busy in handling the business of the family.

Jamai Raja 22 January 2015 Episode 125

Jamai Raja 22 January 2015 Episode 125 Written Update

Jamai Raja 22 January 2015

She is rough and tough and she wants her daughter to get married to a rich man as she doesn’t want her to struggle. But, Roshni hates the rich people and thinks that rich people don’t have hearts. So, the hero who Siddharth Khurana falls in love with Roshni at the first sight. He is a rich and responsible man who lives with his parents.

But as Roshni does not like rich men, Siddharth lie to her that he is a man from a middle class family. So, as they fall in love, Siddharth and Roshni get married against Roshni’s mother will. So, after the marriage, Siddharth accepts the challenge of her Mother-in-law to work and stay in her house as ‘Ghar Jamai’.

He wins her mother-in-law’s heart slowly but there is a twist here. There is a character called ‘Kritika’ who is Siddharth’s sister, which he comes to know after some time. But his sister falls in love with the villain of the story who is also a Jamai Raja to the same family. The Roshni’s sister is married to this man and he is the man who wants the property and all money belonging to her mother-in-law.

Everything goes quiet good and fine until and unless both Rajbir- the violin and Siddharth get to know each other’s truth. So, the twist was that nobody knew who Siddharth was, actually, they just thought that he is only a middle class man.

But now as Roshni’s mother is coming near to Roshni and is now showing her love and care for her daughter, Siddharth’s mother has to start fighting for her daughter. As Siddharth’s mother-in-law has faith on him, she gives all her property papers to Siddharth and he gives to his mother to keep them.

But as Ranbir plays a lot of games and puts the fact in their brain that Roshni’s mother is wrong, Siddharth’s mother reacts to this situation and goes and tells everyone that Sid was a rich man and using the papers, she throws them out of that house.

When Siddharth knows about the things his mother has done already, realizing that her love and family is destroyed now, she scolds her mother and goes to Roshni’s aunty’s house. Everyone gets shocked and sad to see him there.

He asks only for one chance to explain the things. But his mother-in-law now do not see him with the same Jamai love. She is angry with him. Also, when Siddharth tries to talk, Roshni comes forward and says that she wants to listen to his stories.

Siddharth begs for his chance and Roshni tells that he is a big fraud and he had all the plannings to get her mother’s property. When Siddharth tries to explain things, she slaps Siddharth very hard on his face. It shows all her anger and she counts everything that is done by him and proves that he was a big fraud.

Let us see what the story gets turned to? Well, this stage was to come once or after. Will Roshni and Siddharth get separated? If this happens then the story will end here only. But the story will not end in here and will bring lots of surprises to the viewers. It will be interesting to see how and what turn will it take?

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