Video: ‘Judaai’ Back Again in ‘I Love NY’ feat. Sunny Deol & Kangana Ranaut

By | Jun 23, 2015

From the directors to the audiences, everyone is crazy to experience the much delayed romantic-drama movie ‘I Love NY’ (NY for New York) featuring Sunny Deol and Kangana Ranaut. On its way to release next month in theaters, the makers have dropped the last music video which holds the voice of sensational romantic singer Falak Shabir.

In the music video, the two lead actors are featured remembering their good old days when they were living together happily and content. But as the time changes, it becomes apart and the pair separates; this one line from the video defines it when Sunny says, “Ab Main Jaa Raha Hun, Tum Jab Tak Nahi Aaogi, Intezaar Karunga, Intezaar Karunga” at the starting of the song. Kangana sheds off tears endlessly.

The song is melodious, soothing and thrilling, with its meaningful lyrics and touching music; it reaches to hearts. Watch the song here:

The unique avatar of Sunny Deol, a romantic and soft character, is something everyone is awaiting to experience. In the video, Sunny looks deep and also remembering romantic moments spent with Kangana, but he does not cry. That’s his power.

The song might sound new to you if you do not love listening to Punjabi songs, but this song titled ‘Judaai’ was sung by Falak Shabir 3 years back. Just like Saturday Saturday or Samjhawaan Ki, the makers have obtained the license from the singer to use it in their motion picture.

The film “I love New York” has been stuck and facing release date issues since last 2 years and the bells of blessing will ring on July 10, 2015. Get ready to watch the 3 years old Kangana this year.

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