Kamya Punjabi & Karan Patel Break Up: Due to Ankita Bhargava?

By | Mar 11, 2015

Kamya Punjabi & Karan Patel Break Up: Due to Ankita Bhargava? : Both of them were dating each other for close to 3 years by now. But none of them revealed clearly about their relationship status. Whenever Karan was asked about it, he said that he is single. On the other hand, whenever Kamya was asked about the same she has always diverted the topic or else said that this is her personal matter.

Their closeness initiated during the early days of ‘Box Cricket League’. In the second season, they became so close that it was reflected that they are now a couple. BCL aired on Sony TV.

One of close friend of couple said that since the time both have met, their lives changed a lot. That close friend also indicated that Kamya tried to change the life of Karan for something better.

Kamya Punjbai & Karan Patel Break Up

Kamya Punjabi & Karan Patel Break Up

Karan once called KamyaPunjabi his girlfriend in public while he was shooting for an advertisement for BCL 2014. Later on, when it was confirmed to her, she neglected it and said that it was a part of the script. Well, this was not digestable.

If you don’t know then, let’s tell you that Kamya has recently got a tattoo of ‘KP’. When speculations arose and it was asked to her, she said that it doesn’t meant Karan Patel but Kamya Punjabi only.

At first when the Karan’s fans came to know about the alleged relationship of him with KamyaPunjabi, they started making against this. But Karan asked them to mind their own business. He suggested them not to enter so deeply in anybody’s life.

Kamya Punjabi & Karan Patel Break Up

However, what may have been the past. It is now quite clear that they both have broken up their relationship. So, you may want the reason of their break up? Why did they quit their three years long relationship? Let’s move on and we have some reports regarding it too.

One close friend of him stated that it happened because of the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s actor’s infidelity. While some suggests that Kamya caught him cheating her.

Well, the latest news rolling out is that Karan is now getting married to Ankita Bhargava (Ekk Nayi Pehchaan). Karan’s co-star from Yeh Hai Mohabbatein introduced both of them to each other. Both of them started dating since then. Ankita is the daughter of Abhay Bhargava aka Mr. Iyer Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

What’s more reason behind the breaking up of relationship with Kamya? Reasons are exactly not known yet. But there are rumors that suggests that Karan’s parents are against this relationship of them. They reacted like any other traditional Indian family. They are against dating a divorced single parent having child from previous marriage.

However, this seems to be true. In the recent party of holi, Kamya was not present while Karan-Ankita were seen hugging each other. The latest tweets / twitter updates reveals the heartbreak.

Some recent reports suggest that Karan and Ankita are extremely serious about their relationship. This Saturday, they are getting engaged while on May 2, they will marry each other.

Well, we wish both of them best of luck for their future. For Kamya, we wish she may get over it and find some other Mr Perfect for her.

As of now, this is all about the story. What’s your reaction to Karan Patel and Kamya Punjabi Break Up? Don’t forget to share. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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