Kangana Charges Rs 20 Crore A Pharma Company for Illegal Product Promotion

By | May 13, 2015

A pharmaceutical company has been promoting weight loss pills quoting Kareena without being associated to her. Furious Kareena Kapoor decided yesterday to take a legal action over this act by the company.

From roughly a week, the company has been running the campaign quoting “Use this product with which Kareena has loosed 13 KGs”. Whereas, the actress neglected to have used their product.

According to the team, sent by Kareena for the investigation, said that the company used her name to sell their product (or pills) illegally without the permission. They have inquired the owner of the company and filed a complaint against the firm.

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After filing the FIR, Kareen’s advocates sue the company a huge amount of Rs. 20 Crores. The action has been taken the Wednesday morning, the weight pills selling company will soon attend a hearing in a Mumbai court.

Kareena’s spokesman said, as she was not available at the moment, “Kareena has never been associated with the company, even any other weight loss product or company. She is displeased with the campaign they have been running from a week or so.

While reading a newspaper, she was an article quoting herself endorsing the product. Not just the newspaper, a website reportedly published about the same weight loss pills. The legal team is currently investigating more about the website, and will take a strong effort on its side too.

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