Kangana Isn’t Happy With ‘I Love NY’ Release After 2 Years

By | Jun 26, 2015

Today, a news broke out in the media that the actress, so-called ‘Queen’ of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut is not happy with the release of her film ‘I Love NY’ (featuring Sunny Deol) which was to hit screens in 2013.

Kangana has given hits over the two years, starring in movies like ‘Queen’ and ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’; with the popularity gained from those movies, she has topped the list of Female Bollywood Actress. Utilizing this fame and image of her, the producers want to cash big on her name.

Kangana is unhappy that the makers are releasing the movie without even taking her permission prior to its screening; she acquired much fierceness that ‘T-Series’ (Music Company) has been lodged by Kangana a legal to stop the release of ‘I love NY’.

kangana ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

 Speaking On the News, Her Reaction:-

“The producer ought to realise that. By belatedly releasing an abandoned film, they would wilfully hamper the name and image of my client (Kangana), which is morally and ethically wrong. In my notice, I have asked them to stop the release of the said film, as was verbally assured to my client on numerous occasions,” her lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee told PTI.

I Love NY was a directorial work of Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru, it was to release in way lack February 2013, the next release announced month was April, then the next workaround was July.

Kangana had loosed hope to see her work being watched by the audience, but it all came as a surprise, when she met accidentally the announcement of ‘I Love NY’ release this July. T-Series re-released the trailer of the film a week back; and Kangana was stunned by this move.

“The film Industry thrives on trust. Not everything is supposed to be looked at as black and white and with commercial interests. My client blindly trusted and believed in what the producer communicated to her, and therefore did not even insist on a copy of the agreement,” Siddiquee said.

Bushan Kumar, the owner of firm T-Series, looks unconcerned with this “baseless” matter or claims of Ranaut.

“I think the notice is baseless. As we (T-Series) are not releasing the film, I can’t stop it (release). We had sold the film to Wave Cinemas one-and-a-half-years back… Even before Queen was released. Now they are releasing the film,” Bhushan Kumar told PTI.

“Also, we do not have any deal with her where we need to take permission from her for releasing the film. This thing (taking permission from actor) is happening today, but only with big stars like Salman Khan,” he said.

The industry is not sure, while they would witness an impressing performance by Kangana as it was shot almost 3 or 4 years back. Looking after the tension of Kangana, we can be sure that her concern is pointing in the wrong direction.

I Love NY is slated to release on July 10 this year.

Kangana (after the news): I don’t love New York.

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