Konkona: Mother Never Allowed to Watch Commercial Entertainers

By | Aug 1, 2015

Konkona Sen Sharma, a critically acclaimed actress expressed her views that her “middle-of-the-road” sensibilities on her films arrived from the fact that since her childhood, she was not permitted to watch commercial entertainers neither in Hindi nor Bengali.

Konkona Sen Sharma

Still From Gour Hari Das Movie

The daughter of the reputed filmmaker ‘Aparna Sen’, Konkana said in an interview,

“I did not really grew up by watching commercial Hindi movies or Bengali movies. My mother never allowed me to watch them. So, since beginning, I have always watched different kind of films and my sensibilities lies within it, I think more of ‘middle-of-the-road’ sensible kind of cinema. So this reflects in my movies as well”.

Gour Hari Das Movie Trailer

Konkana has done some wonderful work in her movies and impressed movie lovers with her low-on-glamour and high-on-performance role in movies. Some of her top featuring movies are: “15 Park Avenue”, “Mr. and Mrs. Iyer”. “Omkara”, “Page 3”, “Wake Up Sid”.

The upcoming venture in which Konkana is currently working is “Gour Hari Dastaan – The Freedom File”.

The movie is a biopic on freedom fighter ‘Gour Hari Das’.

The film has been directed by Anant Mahadevan and the other lead stars are Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey.

The movie has been produced by Bindiya Khanolkar and Sachin Khanolkar.

Konkana is playing the role of Lakshmi Das, the wife of Gour Hari Das.

Konkana described her role as a challenge in the movie. She said that ‘Lakshmi Das is double of my age, she has been a loyal and supporting wife, especially when people were not believing Das-ji, they ridiculed him thinking him as a fraud, the government too was not supportive, so she has been a loyal supporter.”

The script has been well written by ‘Surendran’. Konkona also got the opportunity to meet the real life people on whom the movie is based.

The plot of the movie ‘Gour Hari Das’ revolves around Gour Hari Das and his son. Gour Hari Das was a freedom fighter and worked in Khadi Kraft and lives with his son and wife. His son wants to take admission in a college but he fails to do so as he was unable to show a Freedom Fighter’s certificate. In the quest of this paper, to prove the authenticity to his son, his neighbors and to his son, he begins on a journey that ends up sucking his life.

The movie has already been screened at London Indian Film Festival, New York Indian Festival, Venice Film Festival and earned lots of popularity.

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